Older, Discontinued OS Engine's & Parts

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Older, Discontinued OS Engine's & Parts

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I recently had a need for a part on an older O.S. engine and wrote engine support at Hobbico. Particularly a model 7L carburetor for an OS .61 SF 2stroke that's been discontinued and is no longer in stock. I thought I'd share some information I received from David Wolf, Senior Product Support Supervisor with you folks here on the forum who may find this information useful one day. Here's the reply and information I received.

David Wrote:

"Thanks for your inquiry."

"The carb body from the 7L has been discontinued and is no longer available. The carb from the 1.20 AX has the same dimensions, but we cannot guarantee its performance."

OSMG2549 29182000 CARB COMPLETE 120AX

"Also, these gentlemen rebuild old motors and stock large quantities of older engine parts. They may be able to assist you:"

1) Preferred means of contact: PetesRC@aol.com
Pete's Hobbies
1814 Nelson SE
Grand Rapids MI 49507
Phone 616-245-3106
Phone calls will be greeted with an answering machine. Please leave Name, Ph No. and, preferably, what you are looking for. There may be as much as a one week delay in response time due to extensive travel to shows, swap meets, and FLYING TIME!

2) Model Airplane Engines- Antique to current, to use, to get out of production parts off of, or general purpose. 1200 Engines on My list - Buy- sell-Trade! send 37 cent stamp to get free list.
Contact: Bob Boumstein/ HWC
PO Box 94
Boystown NE. 68010
E-mail : bbhwc@cox.net
Fax 24hours : 402-334-4173
Phone: WEEKENDS ONLY 402-334-0122 (messages returned on Sunday only!) No calls before 9AM CST or after 9PM CST

3) Gene Steinkamp (This gentleman was the engine man for World Engines.)
8773 Russet Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45251
513 385 7398

For discontinued piston rings, try contacting Frank Bowman. He manufactures repro and current piston rings for our modeling needs. He can make standard and Dykes type rings. If he doesn't have the ring you need in stock, you send the piston and cylinder and he will make it then. prices are $7.50 up to $9.50. His work is of the finest quality.

Frank C Bowman
1211 N Allen Ave
Farmington, NM 87401-3568
505-327-0696 (6 pm to 9pm MST weekdays)

5) Alternatively, you might try placing an ad on one of the internet lists such as www.rcuniverse.com and some of the many other r/c related sites to attempt to purchase the item which interests you, such as EBay. Perhaps you will be able to find a used engine that can be salvaged for parts.

6) You might try swap meets, club sales, estate sales that list hobby equipment, etc.

7) http://www.paulsmodelsupply.com/ This site has nothing but his phone number on it but he likes engines and just might have what you are looking for?

8) Aero Electric ( Woody Bartlet) 3706 N 33rd Street, Galesburg , MI 44053 for parts

9) Robert Eierman - $5 for 50 page list of engines all conditions
504 Las Posas
Ridgecrest, CA 93555
760 375 5537

"I hope you find this information helpful. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at this email address. (Please be sure to copy all previous emails into any future questions.) You can also reach our product support technical team at 217-398-8970, or via fax at 217-398-7721."

David Wolf
Senior Product Support Supervisor

a.k.a. Johnny Morris
A.M.A. 892873