Any Link Between Worsening Vertigo And Menopause

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Any Link Between Worsening Vertigo And Menopause

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Got a question for the older ladies in this group - i am 50, nearly 51 and this year been really suffering with very regular attacks - worse than when it started in 2011...wondering if it could be made worse by menopause - mentioned it to GP but he dismissed it but he knows nothing about MD. Anyone else found it got worse during menopause and did anything help, like HRT?
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There have been many debates in various places about this. ... ders_0.pdf

It is also well recorded that migraines can be hormone related and many with Meniere's also have MAV Migraine Associated Vertigo so I am sure you may be right Sarah.

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Hi there.

I'm 49, and when I had my initial consultation last month at ENT they asked if I was going through menopause symptoms?

I replied had elective hysterectomy in 2011 due to family gynae cancers and huge issues myself, but still getting night sweats, and hot flushes off and on sporadically, but she dismissed that then and moved on.

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