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Chevrolet '58 Corvette Roadster

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’58 Corvette Roadster
1:25 Scale
The Chevrolet Corvette started life as a one off show car produced for the Motorama display in the 1953 New York Auto Show but it gained so much interest that some 300 ended up being produced in 1953. The model continued to be developed over forthcoming years and when the subject of this model was produced in 1958 the body and interior had been refreshed and the front end had been made longer and incorporated quad front headlights, the exhaust exited through the rear bumper, the dashboard had been altered so all the gauges were in front of the driver. Unique to the ’58 model were twin trunk (boot) spears and hood (bonnet) louvers.

The Kit
This kit is a re-issue of a 1997 Revell/Monogram kit. It comes in one of Revell’s side opening boxes, this particular version is a starter set with four pots of Aquacolor, a pot of Contacta cement and double-ended paintbrush

I use both the paint and the cement regularly and the paintbrush is not really suitable for this model with the bristles being round. For larger areas of painting I would always recommend a flat brush if this is your preferred method of painting.

The model originally would have come on six runners of plastic, plus two of clear parts and one for the tyres. However I would suggest that when initially released in the USA the boxes were bigger than the one Revell use as the larger gates had already been cut. The 137 parts are contained in several plastic bags to reduce the possibility of damage in transit and all the major parts are moulded in a quite hard white styrene.

Details include:
Small block V8 engine (with carburetted or injected versions)
Multiple chrome parts.
Decals with a variety of registration plates.

The Plastic

In the following pictures I have laid the separated gates out in line with the illustrations in the instructions.

Gate A

Gate B

Gate C

Gate D

Gate E

Gate F

Gate G

Gate H + Tyres

Gate I

In Detail

There is really minimal tidying up needed on the body shell, however just in front of the door, “fuel injection” does appear in raised detail. If making a normally aspirated version, this will need to be removed.

Small block V8.

Some of the chrome parts.

Ribbing details on the seats

Dashboard for which there are individual dials on the decal sheet.


The decals are to the usual high standard of recent Revell releases being in perfect register and excellent colour saturation, characters on the dials are all legible. You may notice that white circles are provided for the white wall tyres that are not needed as they have been pre-moulded with these on. Seatbelts are also provided and I have come across pictures of examples with and without belts.


The all colour instructions detail construction of the model through 51 stages and one of painting and stencilling.
Paint call outs are in Revell colours only of which a couple will need mixing.

Link to Instructions

What can I say, this is a nice model of one of the great American classic sports cars. There is a lot of detail on offer, and whilst the detail may not be as crisp as on newer kits there is plenty there.

Given the vintage of the original car, chrome trim is festooned around the car, two gates of plated plastic cater this for. More serious modellers will most likely strip this off and paint them in their preferred metaliser paints.

If you remember the film “True Lies” the best thing in it was a … well Harrier I suppose, second best was….ok Jamie Leigh Curtis, however third was the Corvette Bill Paxton was trying to sell Arnie, so that was a ’59 Vet but just like Prince, my Corvette is going to be a red one.

Revell have placed a skill level of 4 on this kit, and it is one I can recommend to modellers with a little experience.

Many thanks to Revell for the review sample.

Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers.
For details visit ;

Revell Website

Revell Facebook

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Very nice looking kit.

Incidentally, this car is also driven by the Devil, in the TV series "Lucifer". The demon has taste!
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