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'76 Ford Torino

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’76 Ford Torino
1:25 Scale (07038)
The Torino was an intermediate range car produced by Ford between 1968 and 1976 and was initially an up-scaled version of the Fairlane. Produced as 4-door sedans and 2-door hardtops whilst the car was used as the base for Fords NASCAR entrants it most likely would have bypassed world wide attention if it had not been used in the 70’s hit TV show “Starsky and Hutch” where the car was given some specific modifications, most noticbly an aggressive vector white stripe, 5-slot mag wheels and larger rear tyres. ( a look I can personally recall being copied on everything from Reliant Robins and Ford Zodiacs, with varying degrees of effectiveness)

The Kit

The Torino has been issued a couple of times under the Monogram and Revell names, this kit is a re-issue of the 2015 tooling initially released by Revell USA (the copyright date is embossed on the lower bodywork)

This being a “Gift Set” it comes with 4 pots of Revell Aquacolor required for the model although to make the kit in accordance with the instructions the remaining 13 colours would need to be sourced. Also included is a paintbrush ( which I would not recommend using) and Contacta Professional cement (that I do recommend).

The 88 mutli coloured parts come wrapped in several polythene bags in Revell’s standard end opening style box with quite striking artwork of Dave Starsky’s “Red Tomato”. Some of the sprues have been cut to facilitate them fitting into the box. I must confess I am not a fan of bright coloured styrene, particularly red that being said given the colour of the subject I can understand it.

The Plastic

Gate A

Gate C

Gates B;E & F

Gate G

Gate H

Gate I

Gate J

Gate K

Gate L

Gate M

Gate N

Overall there is very little in the way of flash, together with minimal burring should result in only a ltllle clean up being required. Whilst there are some ejector pin marks they will be hidden for the most part when the kit is constructed. Although as normal, test fitting to make sure there is no interference between connecting surfaces is always recommended. There are a few ejector pin circles on the bonnet (hood) inner that you may want to give some attention to, and depending on how accurate you want the finished article to be, you could also drill out some of the subframe holes in the chassis.

In Detail
Just a few close ups


The decals are of excellent quality being fully in register and a good depth of colour, separate instrument dials are included. The iconic white vector stripe is included, hopefully this will be of sufficient strength not to let the red bleed through otherwise a careful masking job is going to be needed.


The construction is detailed over 29 stages in the now standard all colour instructions. Paint callouts are in Revell paints only although if wanting use Ford colours this was spayed in Ford Bright Red (Code 2B).

Link to Instructions

I can see no reason why this model should not build up to a fine replica of a 70’s automotive icon. Surely a must have for either American Muscle Car, or T.V. related model collectors.

Highly recommended, a kit I will be making in the near future, just need a thick wool cardigan and jump into a swimming pool first.
Many thanks to Revell for the review sample.

Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers.
For details visit ;

Revell Website

Revell Facebook

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Another great American car and from a goodish series on the TV. There is something about the big, brash American cars especially with that deep V8 rumble.
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got one of those in the stash
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