Pre-scheduled, pre-defined sequence of different Texts/SMS-messages

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Hi, did anybody create a macro that allows you to pre-schedule a pre-defined sequence of text messages e.g. send every day a different sms/text for lets say a month or even longer, possibly even at different times. My idea is that I create a marco just once and then copy it for each new client and just change the name Variable:ClientNamem, change action no. (1) the first trigger to kick it off, plus I would have to create a new STOP-WATCH as well for each customer as far as I understand at the moment.  

I had a look around but couldn't find anything .... so here one initial idea using the STOP-WATCH feature and a day-counter variable.  
(There might be a neater way of doing this with **Conditions or Loops** ( If-Clause or Repeat Action ). 

Any feedback or thoughts are welcome...  
Thanks Martin

(1)  14th September  - 6pm

(2) Regular Interval: every 1hr (CONSTRAIN SMS-Stop-Watch > 1hr) OR (CONSTRAIN SMS-Stop-Watch < 748 hour (=31 days)) 

(1) Stopwatch (Start) - SMS-Stop-Watch

(2) Set Variable: ClientName = "Anna"

(3) Set Variable: SMS-day-counter = 0
(3.1) Set Variable: SMS-day-counter = 1 (CONSTRAIN SMS-Stop-Watch > 24hr) .... = "Day 1")
(3.2) Set Variable: SMS-day-counter = 2 (CONSTRAIN SMS-Stop-Watch > 48hr) .... = "Day 2")
(3.3) Set Variable: SMS-day-counter = 3 (CONSTRAIN SMS-Stop-Watch > 72hr) .... = "Day 3")
.... and so on until SMS-day-counter = 31 "days"

(4.1) Send SMS +xxxxx(mobile no) Message-Text "Hi [v=ClientName], a quick reminder re your Home Workout ... remember to check in to your Members Section. Good luck and let me know how you go on?" (CONSTRAIN SMS-Day-Counter = 1)
(4.2) Send SMS +xxxxx(mobile no) Message-Text "Hi [v=ClientName], it's day two of your 30 day Home-Workout .... stay focused, stay active ... remember it's quick and easy ... the workout just takes 10minutes." (CONSTRAIN SMS-Day-Counter = 2)
..... and so on until SMS-Day-Counter = 31 

(5) Stopwatch(reset) (CONSTRAIN SMS-Day-Counter = 32)
(6) Set Variable: SMS-Day-Counter = 0 (CONSTRAIN SMS-Day-Counter = 32)
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Good day!

let me see if i got it right:

You want to send out an SMS to certain persons specified in a variable every hour, every day for the next 31 days?

is the 31 days counted from when you send the SMS or is it the start of the month?