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06 Apr 2017, 05:54 #31

Dude honestly I wouldn't mind paying a dollar a month for using the app. ...

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02 Sep 2017, 01:08 #32

First 4 macros free
Next 4 macros $
For another 4 macros $$
And so on. I have about 11 macros and would have happily paid for the extra.

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03 Nov 2017, 21:56 #33

Hey dude, thanks for such a great app!

If I was you, I'd do the following bro...

Improve and promote the Template area much more... to make it like a curated "Template Store"
- upload your own "optimised" templates, which replicate popular functions/apps
- remove all the duplicate and less efficient templates... to keep things tidy and easier to use
- encourage experienced users to upload their complicated Templates... so newbies can gain high level functionality with ease
Publicise this on the Play Store with lots of examples... showing how MacroDroid can easily replace a dozen other apps etc
Give people one month of Unlimited Macros, when they first download the app
- this will get people addicted to downloading templates and creating their own 
- after the month ends, it goes back down to just 5 macros... so people will have to delete all the extras

This will help push people to buy the app: 
- as they'll actually know what they are missing, having used the app to it's full potential
- plus the act of choosing/removing Macros, which they now realise they can't live without, will be painful!
Currently, I'd guess most users just set up a couple of simple Macros for free - so don't truly experience the power and convenience the app offers!

Then, similar to what the poster above said - charge a little more for extra Macros... working up to Unlimited at full price
- so you get 5 Macros for free... and pay £0.49 for a pack of another 5, and again 49p for another 5 etc
- until they have bought 5 packs (= £2.45 total) which unlocks Unlimited Macros...  

Pricing is crucial - unfortunately apps costing more than 99p (or actually 77p as most are priced in dollars!) are a tough sell - especially when it's difficult for "average" mobile users to appreciate the benefit... so offering a way for people to pay a small sum for extra utility, will help bring in much more revenue... as well as bringing in a lot more "impulse" buys as 49p is so low that people won't hesitate as much 

However the biggest way to make money from this niche market - is to beat the competition, specifically the leading and most well known app... which I'd guess is Tasker?

No doubt it will take a lot of time and effort - but if MacroDroid can eventually emulate Tasker, and replicate everything that it does... then I think it's inevitable that you will steal its crown as the Number One App!

Once you make it to the top spot - the money will start rolling in like you wouldn't believe!

Good luck... and don't forget about us when you're a millionaire!

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03 Dec 2017, 15:12 #34

You could also provide some paid themes/icon sets for Macrodroid. Personally I would really like to have AMOLED black theme for your app and I'm ready to pay for it.

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13 Jan 2018, 04:45 #35

I think it would be a grave mistake to start carving up macro functions and offering them piecemeal as paid for add-ons.

I would go as far as making this statement your guiding principle: "Every user whether premium or free should be able to run, edit and share any macro."

The approach you have taken thus far is the correct one, although I'm not sure if you've realised how to categorize it.
Restrictions to free users should effect the functionality of the editor only.

Right now the only restriction I'm aware of is to limit the number of macros that can be saved.  You could also make copy/pasting commands a premium feature, and if I can slip in a feature request here, copying and moving multiple commands at once could be a premium feature also.

Essentially, allow free users to do everything but dangle those extra editing features in front of them that would make their experience much easier.

It's a tough thing to gauge because really you want the free users to be disgruntled with the restrictions but experience enough to see the value of MD.

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13 Jan 2018, 04:57 #36

Another question is do you want to bundle all premium features together under a single payment or offer small packs of upgrades separately? It might be useful to hold a poll on that.

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13 Jan 2018, 05:10 #37

You have alluded to this yourself but I would stress the point: don't spend all your time on MD. Google could remove it at any time or something else could come along that blows MD out of the water. I am not an indie but I learned from them that the most important thing is to create a substantial back catalogue. The great thing about digital distribution is you can throw something out there and wait for the money to trickle in. Years from now you might be very surprised about what is paying your bills.

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13 Jan 2018, 05:22 #38

I agree with Aitch that cleaning up the Template showcase(? I feel "store" would be wrong as it implies paying for templates) is vital.  Templates should demonstrate the full capabilities and possibilities of MD.

It saddens me to see that bloody trivial shake torch with thousands of likes while more complex macros get buried within a few hours.

One thing you could do is add categories to the template browser, and here's the devious part: have a category called "Trivial" that all templates without logical conditions automatically get assigned to.

Also, link from the template to the template's forum thread. I seem to always get instant thumbs down and there's no way of knowing if there is a genuine issue or that person is just going around down-voting everything.

Perhaps add a "Not Working" button next to the thumbs up/down. And even a little text box to send a message to the macro developer describing the issue would be helpful.

Is it possible for you to make a sock account here that would post messages like that from users automatically to the correct forum thread without them having to make a tapatalk account?

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14 Jan 2018, 21:55 #39

I'm also thinking about making a handful of small standalone utility apps that perform very narrow functionality but are nice and easy to use and serve a clear purpose. This is to appeal to users who might not need or ever tackle something like MacroDroid, but could use a very useful MacroDroid like feature for one clear purpose. If I keep it simple and focused then I should be able to create something small very quickly. 
There are a good number of people who use plain text files as todo lists. Taskpaper is popular on the Mac, and the file format is free. There is also todo.txt, and the format used by Emacs. I think there's a gap for utilities to work on these sorts of todo files that are stored on Google Drive or Dropbox, and particularly for automation apps like MacroDroid to be able to manipulate them. Also, widgets to display quotes stored from text files on Dropbox or Google Drive, kind of like fortunes on some linux distributions. 

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23 Jan 2018, 22:23 #40

The problem (financially ) is the "pay once in your life " system of the playstore. This must lead to a decrease in revenues, when the market gets saturated.

I would leave MacroDroid as it is and create a parallel app "SuperMacrodroid " where users are charged anually - with the benefit of continued development. 
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