Market Place Rules

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July 24th, 2010, 5:42 am #1

We don't discourage those who sign up to simply sell. In fact we do appreciate having more merchants and suppliers on board. But, the MAC Forums is also a contributing Forum, so we appreciate those who provide content even more.

In that regard, posts here at the Market Place do not count. Since we have a merit system based on post counts (for whatever future plans we have), we base that solely on contributing content. As such, we have also opted to keep the Market Place unmoderated until we deem it proper based on member feedback.

With that said, here are a few reminders for those buying and selling:


We have provided a SHOP section where each member is allowed one thread to sell all his items. The individual SHOP's maintenance will be the responsibility of THE owner of the shop, and we may provide moderation controls if need be. As it stands, all items should be placed on the first post of his SHOP, and should be updated regularly with every transaction, and one can also set his own SOP for trading

Post the item price, item condition (brand new, snap-built, scrap), and if boxes and manuals are still available (some may need it for entering certain competitions that require these items). Give as much information as you can including your contact number or sale conditions. As we do honor everyone's privacy, If you don't want to give your information out in the open, have members send you a Private Message.

Though no one can dictate how one should price his items, please be fair in pricing your items since most of the members are Market aware.


One cardinal rule: The seller sets his price. If you are interested in an Item and wish to haggle/negotiate, do it PRIVATELY or not at all. Complaining about the price for the sake of it is a no-no in ALL forums, so it's not different here.

When you have committed to a sale, please honor that commitment. If you want to cancel your dibs, do it in advance, or negotiate for additional reservation time.

We have set up a separate BUY & SELL section for those one-time traders who don't want to have their own shop

We'll be updating this when needed. We'll also keep this thread open for suggestions and reactions.

As for now, have fun, be nice and enjoy the hobby!