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I was searching for some games on internet for my mac , And i found this site that i really loved so i thought that i should share it with every owner of our lovely mac :)

After i explored the site i can tell you that it is easy shop for Mac games, All we need is only to download a free client on our Mac then start shopping for many kind of games ( Action, Adventure, Casual, Rpg , and ...etc)
you can see here all the categories

The site have many famous mac games that we all love like ( Call of duty, Assassins, the witcher 2, Pirates of Black cove, Ankh(all parts) ) and more you can find. And Most of games are i average price of 10-20$
I think it is a surprise for me and for all Mac users

Also the site have trailers for all the upcoming games, and Demos if you want to try before you buy .