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Born 1935, Athens, Greece. Graduated from Athens College, (a Greek-American school) 1954. Parallel studies in Athens of French language and literature. 1954-1960 studied Philosophy (major), Psychology and English Literature (minors), in Munich, Germany (Munich University). Published his doctor's thesis (on philosophical scepticism) in Greece, 25 years later.

1960-1963 he served in the Greek Navy. In quest of a job he ended up in advertising - as a copywriter. 1965 he founded his own agency. After ten years it was one of the top five. It became well known not only for its marketing successes but also for its social and goodwill campaigns (like the "DD Library" and the "Remember Cyprus" sticker). In 1983 Nikos Dimou sold his agency and since then works as a free lance writer.

He published his first book (poetry) in 1953. There are now sixty titles of his, most still in print. Essays, short prose, satire, philosophy, poetry, and political theory. Although he never wrote a novel, his books have sold well - they have been reprinted many times. Some have become best sellers. Especially his collection of aphorisms: «On the Misery of Being Greek» (26 printings). His latest books include an anthology from his work "50 years Nikos Dimou", his full autobiography "My Ways" ("Oi Dromoi mou") and a selection from his essays and political writings "Exercises in Freedom" ("Askiseis Eleftherias").

Although he thinks his most important task is writing books, he has also worked in the media for over twenty years. He was a columnist for the Sunday editions of leading Greek dailies («To Vima», «Kathimerini», «Eleutherotypia», «Ethnos») and magazines. He was also the first Greek writer to host television talk-shows on literary and ideological issues ("Dialogues" 1987, "Adventures in Ideas" 1992). He also created radio programmes. He has received two journalism awards: the Ipectsi prize (for Greek-Turkish friendship) and the Botsis award. For his overall literary and philosophical work he also received the "Mitropoulos" medal.

He is quadrilingual (Greek, English, French, German) and has published translations of poetry and prose from all these languages - plus Latin and Ancient Greek. He never recognises his thoughts in another tongue - so his work has been translated only into languages he does not speak (Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian and Turkish). He is a notorious lover of cats and independence. He has had to resign ten times from different media because he always speaks his mind.

His hobbies are computers (a dedicated Net Surfer), motoring and photography. He was the first Greek writer to create a personal site in 1997 ( In 2006 he opened two blogs ( and, with considerable success - 30.000 comments in six months). He has published two books of photographs and has had three exhibitions. He has held regular monthly columns in the leading Greek car, computer and photography magazines.

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