For those who will be visiting the land of the Ancient Olympics


December 26th, 2015, 5:04 am #1

For those who will be visiting the land of the Ancient Olympics
Those of you who are preparing to visit the land of the Ancient Olympics, where Alexander the Great, a Macedonian by birth, was not permitted to participate, beware.
Beware of the smooth words of Greek propaganda which, while lying to you, will intoxicate you with ancient Hellenic wonders and connect you to the Modern Greeks.
In northern Greece you will find Macedonia, a land now partitioned and occupied. Know that in 1912 Macedonia was invaded and occupied by Greek, Bulgarian and Serbian military forces and on August 10, 1913 under the shameful Bucharest Agreement, was permanently partitioned among them.
You may have heard that one part of Macedonia was liberated in 1945, and is now the Republic of Macedonia. Do you know that Greece has made every effort to force the Republic to change its name? Do you know that Greek chauvinism is hard at work destroying everything that is Macedonian?
Fourteen million tourists visit Greece every year, yet the Macedonian refugees who left Greece during the Greek Civil war of 1946 to 1949 are still not allowed to return, not even for a visit. Did you know that in 1948 thirty thousand children, between the ages of two and fourteen, were taken from their mothers, separated from their families and permanently exiled to foreign lands throughout the world? Did you know that fifty-five years have passed and the doors for these innocents are still closed? Did you know that Greece is responsible for exiling these children to live out their lives in foreign lands, to grow old away from their parents and siblings, never able to return, not even for a visit? Is this the Greece that portrays itself as the cradle of Democracy?
Know that Macedonia is the land of the Macedonian people, which not too long ago was taken from them. When you visit Macedonia, know that there are people living there without the most basic human rights. When you walk on Macedonian soil know that you are walking on graves without markers, without names, without a sign. This is the land of the thousands who have been tortured in Greek concentration camps, murdered because of their race, exiled and forcibly assimilated into the Greek fold. This is the land of the neglected and forgotten people.
The honour of the Olympic games belongs to the Ancients not to the Modern Greeks. The Ancients were a different people who would not allow foreigners to participate in their games. Even Alexander the Great of Macedonia was not allowed to participate because by birth he was not one of them
Know that in today's Greece, especially in Macedonia, if you are not a Greek by birth you have no right to own land. The lands and homes of the Macedonian people were annexed by the Greek State and awarded to foreigners from Asia Minor who in the 1920's were relocated to Macedonia. These foreigners, whose populations have now grown, have declared themselves to be the legal heirs of Macedonia and claim that the real Macedonians do not exist.
Behind the veil of the Ancient Olympics are hidden many truths: the spilled blood of Macedonian heroes, the horror of the Greek occupation, the forced assimilation and tyranny of the Greek regimes. At the hands of the Greeks, many Macedonians have endured torture, imprisonment, killings, isolation, hatred and lack of ethnic and basic human rights. These are the forgotten tragedies of the Macedonian people.
Greek chauvinism has planted the seeds of hatred and turned the Greek people into an army of antagonists. To this day, Macedonians live in fear of retribution and don't dare reveal themselves. To this day there are no laws to stop Greek chauvinism.

When you visit the lands of the Ancient Olympics remember the Macedonians.
Georgi F. Todorovski