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Someone recently pretended to be someone I knew.
But their actions did not match the person I originally knew.

When everything was going ape because the things we fight are not human but from another realm which affects the human, i was lead to take immediate action to stop them coming through to me.

Felt as if God allowing them to feel the same injustice as I had been served up and to know that if they come against his children they will reap what they sow.

I feel God made known that people who are skin deep who pretend to be your friend then step on you to advance themselves are not friends. Nor are they true to themselves. Never showing the full story and not being allowed to share the full story.

But God has made it plain that he loves us and that this is part of the advancement in our life with Christ. I hold no bad feelings towards anyone.
I am just walking ahead with God and he is protecting my back.

But I cannot remember a time when I felt so assured of having done the right thing and right action. To prevent harm to myself and others.

Pride is the reason so many people feel sorry for themselves. Having done something wrong they feel sorry for themselves. When we should seek forgiveness and move on. People do not need God because of their pride.
They believe man over God because of their pride.

LOVE the LORD thy God with all thine heart, mind, body, soul and strength.LOVE your neighbour as you LOVE yourself.. in this way you love me.