Multiple superficial mucoceles? (pics)

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Starting about six months ago, I have started getting a series of lesions on my soft palate.  They are hard to see with the naked eye, and so have resorted to taking photos of them so they can be blown up when I see a doctor.  First it was just one, and now I could have up to five!  They come, they get a bit bigger, then they appear to burst, go red, go away, and then a month later we go through the whole cycle again.  But I am a worrier about health (with good reason in some regards), and so it can people tell me if what you see in these pictures are similar to what you folk have?

The first pic is from a few months back, of the first one to appear.  That's about as big as it gets.  

The second pic is from last night, where I currently have four or five (the two closest to the front are newbies.  They look very red tonight, so am assuming I've aggravated them with with a hot drink or a bit of food or something).   You can see that the one in the first pic, is smaller in the 2nd.  

As you can see they are tiny, and appear to be filled with something.   As a bit of a healthy anxiety kind of chap, I'm always worried they are something worse, something "horrible."  But at the same time, I realise they wouldn't come and go if that were the case.  

But is it normal to get this many at once?