multiple lip lumps possibly cancer?

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Hi, I am 16 years old and have had mucocele like lumps in my mouth for about 6 months now. Every day my anxiety level increases just a little more. i smoke off an on for 3 years now, and quit completely a month ago. I dipped for a couple weeks around 6 or 7 months ago(the first lump appeared where i was dipping, the second appeared where i dipped after that). I play with the lumps constantly, every day all day. Now the lump on the right side of my lower lip has thickened a bit, and the one on the left(the original one) is larger than before, and another one has appeared near it and gotten larger in the past few days. They normally do not hurt, but lately have been a tad sore. I am almost 100% certain i have oral cancer, but I figure if anyone can help set the record straight before I finally tell my parents I need to go to the doctor's, then it could be someone from this forum. Thanks in advance to anyone of you kind people that could help me out.