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Ok, so ive been having a mucocele for the past two months. Is it a mucocele in ur opinion? It was pretty tiny in the beginning, but i didn't know what is was so i eventually kept on playing with it with my tongue or sucking it. This went on till I noticed it was getting larger and larger. So I decided to go and see a doctor. At first I thought it was some sort of mouth ulcer. So I went to the doctor, he gave me a mixture of antiobiotics and dyphenhydramine to spread on the mucocele with a cotton swab. and oralmedic. I had to order oral medic online since its not available where I live. Meanwhile i used the mixture of antiobiotics and dyphenhydramine (i basically had to mix the product inside 8 capsules of antibiotic into a dyphenhydramin syrup and spread it on my mucocele 6-8 times a day).. in 3 days my mucocele was almost gone!!! it kinda looked like a rly tiny white spot on my lower lip, before it was almost gone i bit it (again) by mistake. But then oralmedic arrived and I applied it, the day after my mucocele was the size of a bean, with a red circle around it. A few days passed, my mucocele keeps getting small and big, I started a salt therapy tonight and i wanna start the dyphenhydramine-antiobiotic thing..  what do you think? Is it normal that a mucocele lasts for more than 2 months? what should i do? This picture is from tonight, after i rinsed my mouth with warm water and salt, and this is p retty big compared to the dyphenhydramine-antiobiotic period.P.S. is it normal that its tiny then it gets big, then it pops then it gets tiny again and everything happens again?

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I just wanted to update everyone, a week or two after this picture i went and saw a really good doctor in my city. He recommended surgery since the lump was getting bigger and whatever i did it kept coming back. So I had my surgery, i got three stitches and everything was fine after. I sometimes get very tiny bubbles that are, in my opinion, caused by mild or rather small mucoceles, and they tend to go away by themselves. So throughout this experience I realized what was my mistake.


- suck on it: it's the worst thing you could basically do. It stimulates the salivary gland and it makes it bigger, sucking it's what makes a small mucocele (that would go away by itself) into a mucocele that needs to be surgically removed. So avoid sucking  on it at all times, even if it could be tempting, distract yourself in some way. 
- chew gum: I do not have a scientifically proven explanation to this, but i'm pretty sure that chewing gum affected my mucocele, in a negative way. Chewing gum can also cause biting and that's the last thing you need when you get on of these!
-have spicy, fried, hot food: basically AVOID anything that could affect your glands.The best thing to do is to have cold food that does not require a lot of chewing, or soup.
-play with it: I don't need to repeat this, sucking and chewing turns a harmless mucocele into a HUGE ball that requires surgery!
-hit it with any object/pop it: be CAREFUL while brushing your teeth because if you touch it you're basically sc****d. And don't listen to the people who tell you to pop it, that didn't work out well for me, it's basically like playing with it, since the damaged salivary gland is INSIDE your mouth, nothing will change if you pop it, you'll just make it worse.

now what i recommend is to:

-be patient: it might take from 3-4 days to a month for a stage 1 mucocele to go away by itself (of course if it stays small during the mentioned period, if not then get ready for surgery). So be patient and don't get worried, it's NOT dangerous.
- use mouthwash: I don't remember what brand was my mouthwash, but i suggest you find a good one in a drugstore.. Listerine wasn't enough for me! Use it at least twice a day!
- find a GOOD doctor: it took 4 doctors to diagnose what i had.. some called it a canker-sore, some called it herpes (-.-), others said its probably psychosomatic (wtf xD). Find a doctor that knows what hes doing!

And if your mucocele needs to be surgically removed then don't worry at all!!! It's the easiest procedure anyone will ever go through, mine took 30 minutes, it wasn't painful at all(and im pretty sensitive, especially in my mouth area lol) and the satisfaction you get in the end is priceless :D, as the trumpet guy in the link i'll share said, you get your painkillers, your mouthwash and in some cases ointment. Don't obsess over it and don't panic, it's not a big deal!


much love,


p.s. get diagnosed first.. oh and forget the diphenhydramine+antibiotics technique, the doctor who said that was one of the four that failed to cure me :D, and also the fact that you're supposed to be careful about your "mouth-movements" does not mean you'll have to starve yourself or stop brushing, just be very careful!