How long did your recovery take?

You've gotten that Mucocele removed, so now what? Talk about recovery here.

How long did your recovery take?

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I just had mine removed yesterday and I was wondering how long it took for you to return to normal. I have a bunch of homework I need to get done and I need to be ready for school monday. Also, how long till you were able to eat normal? Thanks a bunch!

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it took about a week for me to eat normal. my stitches fell out about 2 weeks later. i had my surgery almost a month ago and i'm completely healed

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I suppose you should also consider 'how much' tissue was removed. I had a mucocele surgically removed, twice. The first time it healed fully in about a month, only to reoccur two months later, which was then cut out deeper. That then took about two months to fully heal, leaving a large scar. A second one in another place flared up and a week before I was due to have it removed it self healed and completely disappeared! Everyone is different I guess.

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Mine took a whole year !
It kept coming back once a week. After about 6 months, I just gave up and just popped it whenever it appeared.
After popping it, it felt much much better and it would come back slower (about once every two weeks).
I honestly thought it was a permenent thing. I even had my own portable popping kit !
Then suddenly, after a holiday break to Australia, it stayed away and the surface smoothed almost competely.
This was one year after the op !
I can still see the scars and can just about feel it with my finger, but it's hardly noticeable.
It makes me wonder if I needed the surgery at all (?)