Home treatment for mucoceles that works every time

How to get rid of a Mucocele. Should you get surgery - what type from what kind of doctor?
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Hi all,

My story is similar to a lot of you, except that I used something that actually works, read on. It was the evening of May 22 that I bit my lower lip tremendously hard, for about a few weeks it just felt like an ulcer, until it got bigger and bigger and more uncomfortable, I saw my GP who diagnosed it as a mucocele. I have read posts that said ultimately the answer is to cut it out, I didn't want to take this route because of the side effects.

Home remedies I tried but failed were: Salt, Listerine, Poking it, Evening Primrose Oil, then ultimately Cryotherapy with Wart Remover.

Here is a journal I have been keeping:

May 22 - bit my lip, few days later, ulcer came up then healed, multiple days later, it seemed the ulcer reoccuredJune 17 - Tried mouth ulcer gel
June 24 - Tried difflam antiseptic gel
July 2 - Went to doctors, got antibiotics and cream, it went down, then back up again
July 4 - came off antibiotics, stuck with cream, it has stayed and got bigger
July 6 - tried salt, mouthwash tactics, no positive resultsJuly 8 - going to poke it with needle after sterilization with rubbing alcoholJuly 9 - poked it last night, nothing came out but a spec of blood, going to try evening primrose oilJuly 11 - the EPO made the skin of blister appear like the colour of mouth, it goes through stages of decreasing/increasing in size, I continue to apply 5 or 6 times in a day, and soaking gauze with EPO and placing it on blister.July 11 - afternoon, bit the mucocele, half on purpose, half accident, hurt a little bit, and a little more blood and saliva actually came out. Let's see how this pans out.July 13 - it has been steadily been decreasing in size since the punctureJuly 14 - it has noticeably decreased in size, will monitor to see if it is continuing to get smallerJuly 15 - was the same size from yesterday, gave it another poke in the morning, will try drain it throughout the day and see if it will decrease even more, still applying EPO, and did the listerine wash.[size=100][font=ARIAL]It has continued to go up and down in size while applying all the different home remedies[size=100][font=ARIAL][size=100][font=ARIAL]July 29 - it was big and decided to do cryotherapy with wart remover.[size=100][font=ARIAL]July 30 - it was tender and swollen[size=100][font=ARIAL]July 31 - started to slough, swelling has stopped, slowly decreasing in size[size=100][font=ARIAL]August 1 - since cryotherapy, it has halved in size, still in process of sloughing. hoping it will coming down[size=100][font=ARIAL]August 2 - it has gone down again, but still noticeably there, and it has lost its round blister shape, hopefully it is still healing [size=100][font=ARIAL]August 5 - been a week and it has decreased dramatically, however it is still there definitely, so will do another session of cryotherapy on it tonight to attempt to get rid of it completely, it is quite tender today[size=100][font=ARIAL]August 5 - whatever was left popped and bled heavily, will not freeze it tonight and give it a chance to heal[size=100][font=ARIAL]August 6 - it is still going down in size and for once my lip feels normal again[size=100][font=ARIAL]August 7 - it is still going down in size at this point it is just a little white mark that is left.[size=100][font=ARIAL][size=100][font=ARIAL][size=100][font=ARIAL]So the answer is, cryotherapy. There are a lot of successful clinical studies for use of cryosurgery on most types of oral lesions, I have no idea why there isn't more people that tried this alternative. If these home remedies did not work for you, then certainly try rapidly freezing it.[size=100][font=ARIAL][size=100][font=ARIAL]These are the actual steps that I did:[size=100][font=ARIAL]
Two sessions of thawing and freezing with Dr. Scholls wart remover.
How: I froze it for 30 seconds, then wait a minute, then freeze again for 30 seconds.
Swelling will increase 1 - 2 days after cryotherapy, will remain for 2-3 days, will start "sloughing" in 3-5 days, then tissue repair will happen in next 1-4 weeks depending on the size of mucocele. Repeat in 7 days after first treatment if needed.


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I'm another where the alum and listerine treatment has removed my alum after having it for almost a year. I only treated my mucocele for about a week and it's flattened and has remained that way after 2 months. I created this account just to show my appreciation and share how alum + listerine removed my mucocele. 

My mucocele was caused by a headbutt during a basketball game. It formed after a few weeks, and over the course of the year swelled up then drained, swelled up then drained etc. It was about the size of a marble in the middle of the bottom lip so was quite uncomfortable and hurt at times.

I saw an oral specialist in Burwood (Sydney, Australia) who recommended surgical removal. A possible side effect was numbness around the area of surgery as nerves may become damaged. I was a bit concerned about that so I asked for alternatives or home remedies but his response was that he "didn't know of any"; which wasn't unexpected. So I started googling and Alum + Listerine seemed to be the most popular home remedy so I gave it a shot.

McCormick Alum is not sold in Australia so I had to buy mine from eBay. It ended up costing around $25 from memory plus there was the cost of the Listerine but they were significantly cheaper than the $500 surgery would have costed. Additionally there weren't any side effects of the Alum + Listerine. 

For those who are suffering from Mucocele this treatment may or may not work for you, but wish you the best!

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bigfoot wrote: I've suffered from mucoceles over the years, starting from a very young age.  I even had one surgically removed when I was around 10 years old.  Now I realize that surgery was completely unnecessary.  There is a foolproof home treatment that has always worked for me.  Simply put alum on the mucocele and let it set for around 10-15 minutes.  Follow up with Listerine for 2-5 minutes.  Repeat this every day until you are healed.

This method works for any stage of the mucocele.  If it hasn't burst yet, the alum will cause the mucocle to grow quickly and burst on its own. 
Don't mess around with needles, it only lengthens the healing process and you run a serious risk of going through the cycle again.  After the mucocele has burst, the alum will cause the infected and inflamed skin to turn white and be washed away.  You may have a crater similar to what has been reported after the laser treatment.  New skin will fill in the hole and you will be left with a nice smooth inner lip again.  Don't forget to go through the process every day.  Use alum at least once a day and perform an extended rinse with Listerine several times a day.
Hi everyone!
I'd like to share my experience, to calm my own anxieties and hopefully help all of you. Who knew such a small thing would make someone so depressed.
It's been about 4 weeks since I noticed my mucocele. I say noticed because I'm not exactly sure how long I've had it. I was riding in car and suddenly felt an abnormal bump and immediately felt my heart drop to my toes. What the hell is this?!
It first presented as a very large bump under the skin.
I remembered biting my lip a few days earlier so I just thought it was irritated. I began to sing with salt excessively.
After about two weeks of this I began to feel more flexibility to this bump and it now appeared clearing pink but still DEEP in the skin of my lip.
At that point I had, had it. I took a sewing needle dipped it in listerene and popped my mucocele. I was still not sure if it was a mucocele but this was confirmed when as soon as I withdrew the needle it was followed by saliva and blood.
I've never felt so relieved and happy despite the bruise that encompassed the right side of my bottom lip inside and out. I only got this relief for about a day. My mucocele was slowly filling back up.
Fast forward another week. Still continuing salt therapy, and praying. I had another full blown mucocele, just smaller.
I have read this forum religiously, all 32 pages. I tried apple cider vinegar, and yogurt. No real change.
Three days ago I went to cvs and bought peroxyl mouthwash made by Colgate. Swished with this 3/4 times per day. At the beginning of the 4th day I noticed the bump was swollen but with A CLEAR HEAD. This was clearly saliva. At 4:00 that afternoon I saw an ENT doctor. She confirmed this WAS A MUCOCELE and said "I'll remove it if you wish" but not much else. I left the office in tears. All I wanted was some hope.
After reading all of your posts I now considered the only home remedy I had seen positive results for. ALUM
After the first 20 minute application a small string of saliva left the mucocele. By small I mean small...
I am not sure if this was the mucocele draining slightly on its own or if the alum helped it along.
This is day two, slightly less swollen no additional drainage. I plan to continue the alum and peroxide mouthwash. I have an appointment for removal in two weeks.
If you are struggling with this issue keep your head up. I care! And this forum made me feel less alone.
**Plz be advised based on my google searches I have a very small deep mucocele.
I will absolutely post more regarding my progress/ whether surgery was nessesary.

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jjhperlas wrote:     Hey!  I went on this site because I had a Mucocele problem around May of this year and I must say the Alum/Listerine worked for me.  Below is a journal entry I did for the first week or so while I did it and for those interested in doing this treatment, I highly suggest to be very determined because having this thing in your mouth is one of the most depressing things I have ever experienced in my life. 

Took about 1 and a half months for me to work though.  I'm one of the unlucky people who had it repulsively huge.

Here's a pic I got from google to show you how big it was.

google pic of mucocele



1.) Alum
2.) Anticavity Fluoride Rinse (active ingredient: Sodium fluoride .05%) <--I was trying to save on $
3.) Hydrogen Peroxide   <-----------Used it when things got...messy.

Day  1: Mucocele was fully blown and filled with blood.  Dark purple color.   Treatment used once before bed.  No notable difference except after 4  minutes, saliva started coming out a bit.  Used Alum for 5 mins and  Listerine for 4 mins after with nothing new seen.

Day 2: Mucocele  was no longer purple but the usual reddish color.  It was about the  same size.  Went to the beach and swallowed some water accidentally.   Notable difference was that the Mucocele seems to have deflated and  turned to nearly the same color as my lower lip. It seems staying in the  salty water might have helped some to decrease the size.  Used Alum for  5 minutes and Listerine for 5 minutes.

Day 3: First thing I did  when I woke up was the Alum/Listerine treatment.  The Mucocele is about  the same size as the previous day.  A litte whiter and it burst a bit,  (I think it's due to me accidentally biting it after breakfast) I tried  squeezing as much of it as I could but did not get much results.  Just  small droplets at a time came and I left it alone.  I did the treatment  in the evening 5 minutes alum and 3 minutes Listerine and only there's a  small dot when it bled previously.  After the Listerine, the Mucocele  is much whiter. 

Day 4: it looks more pleasing to the eye as the  Mucocele is flat and the surface is white.  Also noteworthy is that the  Mucocele isn't ALL the way flat...at an angle when viewed from the  bottom, the actual size is comparable to day 2 but I would assume that  it looks like it's smaller due to the angle I view it at (which is over  it). I did the Alum/Listerine treatment three times today and was about  to do it four times but I notice that the skin around the Mucocele which  have come in contact with the Alum seems to be a bit dried up.  Also I  notice that most of the results I see is after Im done with the  Listerine. The Mucocele becomes a pale white color and I do wonder  whether or not I should pop it to get the most results.  Unfortunately, I  don't have a sterilized needle so that option is out of the question.

Day  5: frustrating results.  It started only slightly swelled up in the  morning but towards the evening it became fully flared like on day 4.  I  did the Alum/Listerine twice about 5 minutes each and at night after i  did it for the third time, I just got so tired of it I pressed the  Mucocele to pop it.  I squeezed as much blood as I could and it bled  quite a bit.  I also peeled the Mucocele layer of skin and tried to rip  it as much as I could to open up the wound.  I don't really know whether  or not this was the brightest idea but I was annoyed.  I practically  caked it with alum and pressed down on my lip with a damp paper towel. I  left it for over half an hour. Overkill?  Yes.  After I took it off, it  seems the Mucocele developed a scab.  I'm not sure whether to rip that  off as well but seeing how it's one in the morning I left it at that and  rinsed it off with the Listerine and dabbed it with some hydrogen  peroxide.  Let's hope it has promising results tomorrow

Day 6:  This might be one of the most disappointing things I experienced in my  life.  As far as the Mucocele that I tore at yesterday, it appears  smaller and a greenish scab is forming which I'll leave alone. Bad news?  Two more mucoceles formed.  As if one of them bastards wasn't enough.  Three total, I'm highly considering a ENT because I will not lose this  fight.

Day 7:  Oddly, the Mucocele is very close to flat.  The  third smallest one is gone and the two remaining are mere craters with  the greenish yellow scab on it.  I don't really want to experiment again  so I'm leaving it as is because it's been reducing in size since  yesterday. Promising results...for now

Day 8: Both the Mucocele  is still flat as the yellowish scab still tops the surface.  It feels  like there's a bump still but I do the Alum/Listerine treatment twice a  day. Still unsure if I'm doing the right thing.

Day 9+: Pretty much the same when putting the Alum/Listerine treatment twice a day.  The reason it took so long is because I first put the alum for five minutes (while using a tiny tiny tiny piece from a paper towel which has been folded up many times to be the exact size of the mucocele and pressed over it) then rinse out with Listerine and dab it with hydrogen peroxide.  It's after the hydrogen peroxide is applied that the yellowish scab forms.  Also note that I ripped the skin off the mucocele after I pressed it to pop it.  I literally kept picking at the spot where it popped and made it bigger until it went over the whole thing. 

Note: If the paper towel covers more than the spot where the mucocele is, there is a high chance that more mucocele will form.  However, if this happens, don't panic and realize that for me it went away after one to two Alum/Listerine treatments.  Just apply the alum, put the paper towel over it (covered with alum) and then rinse off with Listerine.  Use hydrogen if any blood is involved? (Just for sanitary reasons I suppose, maybe there's more to it than it seems)


The mucocele itself was gone after using the treatment after a month. It's been early June since I had the mucocele and as of now it hasn't come back since.  I do want to say that there is a small white spot where the mucocele is.  It's probably a scar that isn't going to go away but there is no more bump and I am positive it won't come back.  Obviously I will post back frustrated if it does, but there has been no sign that it would.  The reason I got a scar from it is because I really went crazy as soon as I popped it and started ripping skin after skin off to make it go over the mucocele.  (I really can't say at this point if the mucocele would go away if I did it a better way.  Obviously people are different and my case required the use of some radical methods.) 

let me know if you you guys have any questions to ask about my experience or just this whole mess.  I would love to help anyone because I am just so thankful that I got rid of this problem.


The reason I didn't want to go through with the surgery is because of the numerous people saying that there is a slight "numb" feeling afterwards that doesn't go away.  Let me just say that, there is NO numb feeling that I feel after all this.  Obviously some people can go through surgery and walk away fine but..if you feel like your the 20-30% of the people who posted they had surgery that said the only side effect is the numb feeling, I suppose you should ask yourself is it worth it when you know there's a better alternative. 


Just post your email or message it to me, (Not that I know how to use the message system here)

Take care and good luck!

James Perlas
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