Dip/depression in lower lip - does it really heal itself?

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March 7th, 2018, 5:04 pm #1

Hi All, 

I had a large mucocele on my lower lip removed 16 days ago by an oral surgeon. He took the gland underneath it also. Before the surgery I asked about scarring, uneven lips, the possibility of being left with a dip etc, and he completely brushed off my concerns and told me i was worrying about nothing, its a minor procedure,he does them every week etc etc. 

Well, its 16 days now and the wound itself is almost closed up , however I'm still a bit swollen and worst of all, there is a dip/depression/chunk missing out of my lower lip - which is exactly what I was worried about in the first place since the mucocele came over the front of my lip. When I went back and questioned the surgeon, he just told me it takes time, it'll heal, the lip heals from the inside out, all this crap which i think he is just saying to placate me honestly. 

I wanted to know - if anyone else had a dip like this, did it actually fill back in itself? Does the lip really heal that much? It seems hard to fathom its just going to plump itself back up again. But i'd love to hear if this really is the case for anyone.

I feel so depressed and self conscious. I love my lips, they are really full, and now the bottom one just looks so weird in the corner the mucocele was removed from. I can't believe surgeons downplay this procedure so much.
I feel like suing his ass for the money I might need for plastic surgery! 😭