widow of retiree

Post you thoughts and experiences with the healthcare litigation. If you've received a check, please post the amount and something about your retirement category, year etc.

widow of retiree

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FYI I just today received the settlement check for my husband who died in 2006. I have been receiving his pension since then, so Alcatel/Lucent has my new (remarried) name and address. Fortunately the people who bought my home 3 years ago knew my new address and forwarded the settlement check to me. I am now in the process of awaiting a reissuing of the check to me as I had Power of Attorney upon my husbands death. I wonder how many others are similarly affected? In my case, no one bothered to check my husband's name against deceased retirees, or to check that his pension was still be paid out, and to whom and to what address!!!

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I'm so sorry of your husband's death. I worked in Atlanta and I signed up for when I die if my hubby
outlives me, he will get half of my pension. I've regretted ever since cause we can use the extra
hundred that comes out of my check each month for this. I think its a hundred. I was told that it
can not be cancelled even after divorce. Is this what you're getting? I don't know anyone
who did this and it did happen. I hope they can get it all settled for you.

Best Wishes to you and yours,

Willene Denney

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There is an advocacy center that might be worth a call

Alcatel-Lucent Participant Advocacy Center
   useful to escalate issues To request Advocate involvement, call the Lucent Benefits Center at 1-888-232-4111

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Just to let you know, I did finally receive the settlement check for my deceased husband, reissued in my name. I had posted originally to make note of the fact that it appears that there is no attempt to coordinate the list of eligible recipients of the settlement with those recipients who have died so that survivors (who are receiving pensions) are appropriately sent settlement checks.

I hope this doesn't result in "undeliverable" checks to deceased retirees.