Nokia no longer offers a corporate plan to pre-Medicare management
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The connector site is useless. In NJ, I went to to see the plans and evaluate them knowing that I would not get a subsidy.. Then I went to the horizon bcbs site and signed up for the omnia silver hsa. (No reference required for specialist, all my doctors are in network, 1500 deductible 3500 max out of pocket). $814 per month. Caveat- I have no coverage for my NYC dermatologist or any ny doctor nor any out of network coverage. Take a look. It is easy to look up who is in the levels of coverage.

It took about 20 min for the application and about an hour later the app was accepted and I have a member number.

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Okay, I'm a novice at this message boarding. Is there a way to email someone privately?

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Click on the highlighted name next to "Posted by"
A new screen shows up with an "email" line.
Click there and if the member has permitted this you should be
able to send an email at <private message>