Medicare eligible $ question

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Medicare eligible $ question

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30 Oct 2012, 22:45 #1

I've been retired for over 10 years, Lucent Technologies, CWA represented. I'll be 65 in three years and have started researching Medicare information and have a question.
When you and your spouse reach age 65, does the monthly Lucent medical insurance premiums go down, stay the same, or increase?

Some people I've talked to stated that they dropped their company insurance when they reached 65 and went with Medicare A,B, and D.

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31 Oct 2012, 11:14 #2

slk230red wrote:Some people I've talked to stated that they dropped their company insurance when they reached 65 and went with Medicare A,B, and D.
One thing I have learned by reading posts on this site for a few years is how vast and varied our insurance costs and coverages are from person to person. My assumption is that nothing much is standard any more. This may be due to the area of our residence, it may be due to our date of retirement or from whom we retired, or a bunch of other influences. Previously represented retirees, or management retirees ... it all matters.

We remain with the UHC Advantage plan, only because my wife is not yet Medicare eligible. Once she turns 65 (and the health care industry is still intact) we will be shopping outside Alcatel Lucent for all our healthcare insurance needs. I manage my 82 year old father-in-law's healthcare insurance here in southern Indiana, and his insurance coverage is superior to mine and his costs are much lower. I use the government search site every couple of years in order to find the best possible insurance option for him.

As an 82 year old, my father-in-law is still relatively active and only takes a half dozen medications for various ailments such as cholesterol and blood pressure management, osteoporosis, etc. For 2013 his monthly premiums will be as follows:

Medicare Part B $ 99.90 + 1.7% increase for 2013
Medigap Insurance with Gerber Life Ins $153.02
Medicare Part D Rx Insurance with SilverScript $ 29.00

My father-in-law had major eye surgery in 2011 and his out of pocket costs were minimal with no hassle with the insurance provider. He goes to any provider he wants, and has no co-pays with which to contend. I would love it if my wife and I could have this same level of healthcare insurance.

Just another two cents worth. Hope it helps.

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14 Feb 2013, 19:40 #3

Thanks for the reply prowler, good information.

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