I finally bailed out of the ALU Medicare plan for 2013

If you tried or decided on other healthcare insurers:
- what was your experiences
- how did you decide?
-- cost? coverage? benefits?
Would would you suggest to others.

I finally bailed out of the ALU Medicare plan for 2013

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12 Mar 2013, 15:36 #1

Since my wife became eligible for Medicare 2 years ago, I started to look around for a better Medicare plan than what ALU had to offer she and I.

I looked and compared all kinds of plans that were offered for the Houston area and came up with some possibilities. A closer look at the "possible" plans all showed hidden fees and charges that would add up rapidly over time.
My wife who is a diabetic, had a stent implanted last year and the cost of her prescriptions went sky high and she wound up in the prescription drug "Doughnut Hole". Her out of pocket expenses for drugs was phenominal last year.

I finally took took action when the medicare plan offered by ALU showed up in the mail last Fall.
Believe it or not but I called our current carrier United Health and was offered a plan sponsored by AARP that has no monthly cost to us. Yes some of the deductables are higher but the prescription drug cost for her has fallen. What cost at Medco $114.00 for one month now cost her $16.00 at OPTUMRx for 3 months.

Phil Hahn

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06 Sep 2013, 02:06 #2

Yep. Turned 65 and bailed. Enrolled in AARP MedicareComplete plan. $0 premium, $0 deductible and includes prescription drugs. Couldn't be happier. Go to same doctors and have saved (self and spouse) some $10k this year (2013). I hope ObamaCare doesn't change this going forward.
Cameron Davis - Atlanta