Experiences with United Healthcare Medicare Advantage

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Experiences with United Healthcare Medicare Advantage

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After 9 months with the company-offered medicare advantage plan, I'd like to share my experiences.

During this period I had several medical visits and treatments for minor and choronic problems. No hospitalizations or surgeries.

The good news: no problem with any of my physicians being deemed (I do live in Florida)

The rest:
After spending a couple of hundred dollars, I noticed that only $39 had been applied to my max $1500 out-of-pocket. A phone call confirmed that a new definition of out-pf-pocket is being applied
The $15 copay for PCP vs. 20% for specialists has been a minor nightmare. The plan insists that my PCP is a specialist and charges me accordingly. I complain and the physician gives me a credit because it's a small amount.
I have been struggling for 4 months over payment for an annual pelvic exam. The plan insists that they pay for it, but that the physician coded it wrong. The physician (Cleveland Clinic) insists they coded it right. Neither will talk to the other and I'm trying to mediate.

Overall, I'm so disappointed in the lack of service and attitude that I'm tempted to dump it all and go back to standard medicare and pay for a supplemental policy. It would probably be more costly but less of a hassle.

OK, it's now 2016 and I'm still with United Healthcare's Medicare advantage program. The specific problems that I was having back then have been smoothed out. My PCP is now billed as a PCP, and the problem with paying for the annual pelvic exam was straightened out by an appeal to Medicare (highly recommended: they did a great job). Turns out the problem was incorrect coding by the physician; when I suggested that to them they accused me of insurance fraud(!). The problem is that I haven't been back for an annual pelvic exam since then.

My husband has Medicare plus a self-purchased supplement with $0 deductible and $0 copay. He pays a bit more than I do, but loves the simplicity. I suspect that my former employer makes little to no financial contribution to my coverage.
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Well, Alcatel-Lucent finally did it - they've successfully gotten me off their health insurance roles. I've turned down all of their health care offerings for 2010 and chosen to join my husband's Federal Retirees Blue Cross. I've been trying to avoid this move, as it costs me $200 a month, but after going over all that I had to pay under United Health Care's Secure Horizons policy last year it proves to be cost effective, and I'll now have a back-up to Medicare. I wonder how many other people are finding it difficult to pay all of the charges that UHC forces on them, in addition to paying their monthly Medicare contribution? Obviously, the powers that be at Alcatel-Lucent are trying hard to reduce the number of retirees for whom they have to provide medical coverage, and in my case they succeeded.

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Do you think medigap insurance is a better fit? If you are in Florida I know a company that does online quoting. It's not a national company, but you can just get prices on their website without even talking to anyone. It's linked into the insurance carrier for medigap. It's only for Florida though. What else were you trying to figure out?

Look at this site for medigap info

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