ALU medical plan; dropped

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I quit the ALU medical plan in 12/31/2008, the first year SecureHorizons was implemented.
My wife & I are Illinois residents & have Medicare Part A & Part B. I retired from ALU in 2001.
Years 2009,2010,2011; we purchased Mutual of Omaha Medigap Part F basic policies.
Years 2009,2010,2011; we purchased Coventry Health Care (First Health Part D) Rx policies.
My Medigap Part F premium started @ $112/mo. & the 2011 premium is $172/mo.
My Rx Part D premium started @ $26/mo. & the 2011 premium is $34/mo.
My wife's policy premiums are less because she is younger.
(1) We kept ALL our doctors.
(2) Medigap Part F policy pays entire amount after Medicare. (We paid $0.00 in 2009,2010,2011)
(3)Type of premium pricing is (ATTAINED-AGE-RELATED). The premium is based on your current age; so
the premium goes up as you get older.
(4) Medigap Part G is the same as Part F, but with a higher Co-Pay at the beginning of the year. (lower premium).
We might switch in 2012? GOOD LUCK & donot be afraid to change!