Alcatel-Lucent fraud and bribery charges and fine

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Alcatel-Lucent fraud and bribery charges and fine

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I am curious and maybe others on this site will be also. A few years ago, Alcatel-Lucent was charged with fraud and bribery by the U. S. Federal Government. They pled guilty and were fined originally $143,000,000 million dollars they pled down the fine to $93,000,000 million. Recently, a group of retirees/employees (21) were brought into U. S. circuit court by Alcatel-Lucent and one of the 21 individuals brought up in testimony that the company had been charged and fined.

Subsequently, Officials of Alcatel-Lucent resigned, NOKIA bought out Alcatel-Lucent - did Alcatel-Lucent ever pay the fine or did escape paying because of the buyout.

If my research is correct, and if anyone knows differently, the fine is still outstanding. Is that fine ultimately going to be satisfied with pension funds, because where else would Alcatel-Lucent have funds to pay up. This recent loss of insurance coverage as posted on this site, makes everyone to wonder what is next to come - can this Company be trusted, I don't think so. Are our pensions the next to disappear?

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This event appears to be described in the Nokia filing for the acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent on page 130ff of: ... 3_2015.pdf
It reads that the incident has been resolved prior to the acquisition (on December 8, 2014).