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31 Jul 2017, 22:04 #1

I have been having trouble contacting Aetna regarding my Aetna ID card.
In their web site my log in information is being rejected. When I try to reset my log in information I get a response saying that I do not exist. I filled out an e-mail questionaire in their web site, but the e-mail "Send" does not respond. There is no current phone number available for them.
I need a new ID card. The reason for my need to contact them.
Any suggestions?
Robert (Bob) Burns
WECO retiree/Yakima, Washington

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Bob... I assume your looking to contact Aetna with regard to dental coverage?
You might try:
1-800-220-5470 for Traditional Dental
or, 1-800 220-5479-5479 for DMO Dental

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A co-worker of mine who retired in 1987 recently had difficulties with health providers sending him full medical bills with no indication of medical insurance coverage. We worked together on this issue for several hours and finally realized that he was no longer in United Healthcare's data base. There was never an explanation of how this happened, or even that it DID happen, but when we got various medical providers and United Healthcare representatives communicating with one another regarding specifics (basic medical treatments related to the member's United Healthcare account number) it became obvious his insurance coverage no longer existed. This, even though the member held in his hand the current, up to date, United Healthcare Medicare Advantage card. In the end, United Healthcare called us back to let us know the "glitch" had been fixed.

Whether this could have happened to you is uncertain, of course, but stuff does happen.