Moowolf Set!

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Moowolf Set!

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I am currently working on getting the materials to get the Moowolf set crafted for me when I get to the appropriate level. Below is a list of materials I still need to acquire. So do me a favor and check those banks stuffed with all your trash! If you have anything that is listed, I will gladly take it if you wish to donate it. :D

120 Lousy Pig Chops
80 Crowfox Hair
80 Koalak Forester Hairs
50 Dok Alako Fabric
30 Bworkette Skin
14 Brown Warko Beard Hairs
11 Purple Warko Beard Hairs
10 Magus Bwork Scalp
10 Koalak Mummy Ulna
5 Bwork Archer Scalp
5 Shin Larva Skin
3 Wa Wabbit Hair
2 Soryo Firefoux Ghost Fabric
2 Tanukouï San Ghost Fabric
2 Bworkette Hair
2 Pandikaze Ghost Fabric
2 Pandulum Ghost Fabric
1 Pandora Skin
3 Pandora Master Hair
1 Pandora Master Skin
1 Pandora Master Fabric
25 Moowolf Hairs
10 Moowolf scalp
13 Moowolf Teeth
3 Moowolf Mojo
4 Moowolf Fabric
1 Moowolf eye
1 Moowolf Magic Testicles
1 Boowish Belt
5 Boowolf Testicles
1 Mad Boowolf cloak
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Ho ho, got some stuff. :D

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I have...

16 Crowfox Hair
50 Dok Alako Fabric
1 Pandora Skin
25 Moowolf Hairs
2 Moowolf Teeth
3 Moowolf Mojo
1 Moowolf Fabric
5 Boowolf Testicles

...It's so odd how you can just get used to really weird things. In what other game can you craft equipment out of testicles?
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... I was just telling my friend that the game i play has testicles, and wondering if you could craft anything out of them xD