Louvra, Our Sister Guild!

Louvre's Sister Guild

Louvra, Our Sister Guild!

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06 Aug 2009, 06:18 #1

Alrighty all you Alt loving members! We have a situation on our hands. Currently we're getting more requests from people to join Louvre than we can accept. Some of our members currently have some alts in the Guild. We do not discourage alts in the guild at all. In fact we actually enjoy you having an alt or 2.

At our current level we can only have so many members in the Guild at one time. what we've done is make a sister Guild to Louvre, Louvra. If you have any alts that you wish to have affiliated with Louvre, then please ask about Louvra. our current Staff members control Louvra just as they control louvre.

Some members are accepted to keep one alt in Louvre as of now. But only those of Rank are qualified to do so. You can read more about Ranks 'Here'. Once Louvre has gained more levels and the space to hold your alts, we will gladly accept them.

Thank you for your understanding at this time.

If you wish to have an alt in Louvra/Louvre, please PM any of our Staff Members listed below.

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06 Aug 2009, 18:43 #2

ouf! Glad I ask Eidi to come just in time^^ even if there would have been a sister guild, I wouldn't like the fact to be in a different guild than her D:
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22 Nov 2009, 21:22 #3

We need to get this guild up and going! I know we all have allts! *Looks at Kilt and Wea*I know you guys may not want to let them go( I know I wouldn't) But we want new people..right?! So heres a few ideas to make Louvra just as fun as Louvre!

#1- Have Louvra only hunts, many people in Louvre need things for their alts..So why not hunt them with the alt guild!

#2- Have a Louvra Raffle. This way they can put in their mains name whos in Louvre for the Louvre raffle and their alts name for the Louvra raffle! Example: "Count me in for this weeks raffle! Name: Jipsy Guild: Louvre." Then for the Louvra raffle: "I could use some of those... Name: Behalf Guild: Louvra."

#3- Have Louvre story time or theater. Many of us love to tell stories and act..So make it a Louvra thing!

#4- Maybe have a paddock in Bonta and Brakmar for everybody. Since a lot of us like to breed it gets pretty darn crowded! It could be cheaper plus the paddock wouldn't get overcrowded..

Heres just a few Ideas! More to come!
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22 Nov 2009, 22:14 #4

Sounds good Jip! :) I guess I have an alt myself but at the same time other accounts. Don't know bout the support I could give at the moment since I have school and I'm waiting on my new laptop so I could play with semi accounts but one's I'll start playing with 2 accounts or more I'll be happy to be a part of it! :)
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keeping updated!

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29 Nov 2009, 21:33 #5

Some nice ideas, May! I like the Louvra hunts and Storytime theater ideas, though trust me- I'd have another paddock if I could get my paws on one. ;)

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