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November 6th, 2009, 6:19 am #1

I'm glad that you are interested in joining Louvre. We used to be an artists-only guild, but we've opened our arms to non-artists too.

We're a fun-loving, relaxed guild in the MMO Dofus. We like chatting and trashing mobs and dungeons where the chance of survival is slim. Do you care more about having fun and making friends more than leveling and being 'the best'? Join us!

About our Staff and Ranks
Guild Rules
Voice Chat

Level 34
2 Houses
2 Rooms, 2 Chests- For all Guild Members. Both chests are open for everyone to use.
1 room, 1 chest- For Staff.
1 Paddock: 2 Mounts, 2 Breeding items
3% Donation requirement after you are off On-Trail. You are able to change your EXP% donation but not below 3%. I don't require characters under level 30 to donate.

We accept all levels. We take both mains and/or alts. Neither do we care if you are F2P or P2P. All factions are wellcome (Bontarian/Brakmarian/Neutral)
Contrary to our name, Louvre is an English-speaking guild. We do not expect perfect grammar but please keep txt speak down.
We are a casual guild. We don't care if you have an unusual build and we expect our members to not be jerks about that.
Please do not use vulgar language in our guild's chat. See our rules for more information.

We love going on dungeon runs, leveling parties, and helping each other drop stuff. We are pretty talkative when we are online too, so if you're looking for a guild that loves having fun, talks, and won't judge you based on how you play, we're your guild! :D

Who to contact for an invite:
RynElectra, Lynia-Glendower

Additionally: -Coin, Auriok, Bisquick, Citiria, Clink-Kun, Dreamon, Dwyla, Katzuo, KiltinRantel, Krakalin, Lord-Griffith, Summoning-Claw, Swashbucklin-Bandit, Thomus, Wealtheow, or Xeniol

Waiting ListWhat happens when we are full? What do we do about alt and friend invites?
Even though we try our best to level Louvre sometimes we we are just too full to accept more people. When this happens we have a Waiting List of people that want to join the guild.
If you see that we currently have a waiting list below ("Yes" or "No") then you will not get invited to the guild until we have a spot for you. This includes alts of people that are already in the guild.
Even if there is a free spot in the guild we may still have a waiting list. Please check this post

If you already have a character in the guild and you want a second character this is called an alt. Alts have a low priority on the waiting list because we like to get new faces.

Inviting Friends
If you are currently in the guild and you would like to invite your friends that's great! However, if we have a waiting list you're friend is going to have to wait even if there is a spot open. PM me (Ryn) on the forums and let me know their name.

Waiting List
RynElectra | Recruiting Officer | Osamodas| F2P

Join our Voice Chatroom!

Guild Leader of Anima | Founder of Ministry of Silly Suits Cosplay Group
Art Commissions


August 24th, 2010, 8:50 pm #2

Hi, im a lvl 58 sadi and ill love to join the guild!
ingame name is Tailung.

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