Artistic Assistance~

Looking for art? Please post here and someone will be happy to do business with you.

Artistic Assistance~

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My next tattoo, I've decided, will be the 2.0 Sacrier statue. Still decided whether I'll be getting it on my back or my ribs. Probably the ribs. But here's my request.. I'll be needing it to be drawn onto paper. I am not an artist, at least not a good enough one to draw something like that. So I'm asking someone to help me out, I'll be giving a decent reward, the one who takes up this challenge will talk to me about them. We'll decide the payment, it will be given IF I'm satisfied w/ the drawing, a lesser reward will be given if I'm not satisfied w/ it, you still gave it a shot and deserve something. But this is something that'll stick w/ me the rest of my life, so I'll need it to be nothing less than perfect by my eyes. ;] Here's the Sacrier statue that you'll be drawing. <3

There's not a time limit on the drawing. Please take your time w/ it. I'm planning on getting this tattoo'd a month or two from now, no real rush~
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Nice man! The tattoo will be AWSOME! B) who ever the artist is will add his style, maybe something else from you're desires and from my point of view it should look REALLY amazing! Can't wait to see the sketches guys! ;)

Well good luck with the tattoo making whoever it is!

p.s. I can't draw so I'll just support who can! :P
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Mmm i'm not too into tatoos and I believe its sad to damage your body with it but... Maybe I could do something for you on virtual paper... once I have free time that is.

But if anyone else wanna try making it, dont worry and post. I might not making it, depends if I have time :s
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i have the dofus arena sacrier card tattooed on my back... didnt know they had a new picture... you ever get it done?