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Evelyn Belanger

Joined: May 4th, 2018, 3:30 am

May 15th, 2018, 6:14 am #1

Name: Evelyn Belanger

Age: 25

Personality: Evelyn exudes the confidence that can only be obtained by the absolute and unyielding knowledge that she is better than most people. Wealthy, attractive, intelligent, cunning, and daring, she firmly believes that she has attained the unattainable. Her thirst for knowledge is unquenchable. She knows she can talk her way out of most situations but has no qualms about going down a more aggressive road.

Appearance: Ebony hair frames a pale porcelain face, the shadowy strands chopped abruptly near her chin. Vivid blue eyes look out from thick dark lashes, her features young and rather old world. Her lips form a perfect cupid’s bow and are almost always painted a bright crimson. She is tall and might be considered waifs, her figure slender and lean.

Equipment: A gold plated gun fashioned after Earth that Was weaponry. An archeology kit held together in an expensive leather case. Credits and different forms of currency. A small gilded knife.

History: Evelyn’s history is short and sweet, much like most women of her standing. Her life was devoid of hardships or pain and she wanted for nothing growing up in New Cardiff on Londinium. Her parents were both curators of the Londoninium Museum and thus, Evelyn grew up admiring the countless Earth that Was artifacts. As she grew older, she went to university and attained a degree in Colonial History as well as Anthropology, with a heavy emphasis on Earth that Was. Out of university she sought to fill her own home with the same riches and treasures of the Museum. Once she felt established on her own, she set out among the stars in search of pieces of history to add to her rapidly expanding personal collection. She is extremely interested in and almost obsessed with Earth that Was 1920's fashion and culture, all of her clothing designed in that fashion.

Primary Skill: Historical, Anthropological, Earth that Was Knowledge.

Secondary Skill: Gun Safety/Handling.