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You and your moms and dads have IGNORED CIRCUMSTANCES, to wit, 9/11 TUESDAYS, how the phony war started by the pop to Yitzhak Rabin's head went to a lot of incidents like the Uganda bombing and the cruise missile hit on the Sud, to more like the Doolittle Raid and a couple of conflicts to remember the Rape of Nanking, by. 9/11/2001 = 23 = 5/8/2008 Yom HazMat, Israel's 60th, but beware also Tuesday 2/14/08, Valentine's Day, any July 4, in 1187 the Battle of Hattin.

3/11/04 Madrid was like MIDWAY, 7/7/05 London was like IWO JIMA, 10/1/05 Bali was like Marianas Turkey Shoot, and 7/11/06 Mumbai seems like Okinawa. The US should expect (or demand, depending) attacks on NYC, DC, Atlanta, LA.

I should think more attacks may happen, if all heck breaks loose, and attacks continue, to remind the fund-hijacking, book-cooking, ethnic-cleansing INFIDELS that Israel is a ripoff in progress, to which the homeowner has objected.

When the BOER won war one, 1881, a lot of fashion by ZioNazis was determined, for all time. They hopped onto Palestine like fleas on a dog, 1882, and look at the fun they had, since! A Ms. Agassi was interviewed the week Double retired. Seems she helped bomb a hotel in Palestine, in which Brits were HQd. They left, the power vacuum installed Hitler, he went all the way to HOLOCAUST, so how in whorehouse-mouse-started BLAZES was her act of terror, any sort of good!

The ZioNazi likes to hide how Israel INCITED and coerced all major events and massacres, related to world war by the numbers, now 2 & 1/2.

The Boer style is still evident in Israel AND in the US and UK, though Israel is an ongoing invasion, abetted by international organized crime, that evades review of Balfour, Rothschild, Sykes-Picot, Imperialism, or Judeo-Catholic organized CRIME.

9/13/06--------------------------------------- ... es#5175311

Terrible news, but from the Rift Valley on west is unsettled from the classic Islam-rises-to-chastise-the-21st Century-corporate-fascist-Christian-and-Jew-CRUSADE theme. It leads to BIGGER HURRICANES, from Africa, headed to the USA. Guess which area the GW Bushmen and the Imperialists always were PLANNING TO DIVEST (North Africa), so abandon hope! You have Christians, infused into your populations, so you study whores and thieves with a peculiar trend going one Spring, when the leader of a band in question announced his oats and a plot, to pounce on chump-change busted loose from money-lenders at the Temple. The Supper and Tryst proceeded, but Shovey implicated himself, knowing he was SEEN by the Priests but not stopped, by the Temple Police, so off to the ROMANS went Judas, or there went the PRIESTS, get it or not, Infidels and others, who can read English-US!

When the first Boer War ended in 1881, a terrible breach of international ethics occurred, in Palestine. International invaders from Europe had seen a break in British resolve to control remote colonies, in the Euro-hemisphere. So the ZioNazis of today must recall their forefathers, et al, moved in on Turk-controlled territory, inciting first RADICAL ISLAM, WAR, then MASSACRES, as the British Empire moved through Arabia, but was first turned back, then forced to disband.

The nasty international FRAUDS from the Boer-Zionist trend off the Victoria-auctionblock fomented and incited all conduct from WWI, to WWII, to the eve of WWIII, which is today. Off USA, LEGALIZE self, or get with Islam, all tight up in there because it KNOWS we are all subjected to Jihad. Know HURRICANES and metorites?

Judeo-Catholic organized crime, with classic UK Imperialist straw-dogs with retained earnings and shares of real property, are all for removal, from the Mid East, just now. The missions are to reinforce the UK-defined territory of Iraq, which made a Judeo-Catholic mess of issues, in a deeply Islamic area of the world, so expect 1/4 of the world's people to be JOINED, by others, when the dollar-wave of inflation collapses all economics, between the copshops, the crooks incited by the regulations, the Chinese expansion, the wars, the funny power deals, and the interest and penalties, layed on by the FED, which with anti-value BUBBLES knocks the unfunded OUT.

Sorry about our luck, guy, but the US AND Africa have TOO MUCH and TOO MANY competing and tainted interests in OIL, CHRISTIANITY, AND JUDAISM GOING ON, to think straight about any of the WTA, simultaneous wars related to ISRAEL, DRUGS, whores, and dealers for these things and WEAPONS, with OPEC and PEMEX controlling all media agendas, so as to prevent hemp alcohol in the USA, for FUEL, or any genetic engineering for this, so be stymied.

We also have fat power deals and interest hikes, Usama is injured with everyone else smart but screwed by the US, the State Dept., gungho airheads in stupid jobs with bad descriptions, so without USDC outlet for the trend where Rabin got shot and the settlements got reinforced, but Arafat got CALLED A TERRORIST, Bill Clinton has to really SHUT-UP, Billy-a-hat, since the Infidel, inc. incited and rolled bin Laden and everyone around, for years.

Saddam IS US democracy in the Mid East. The US has comparative neglect to make a Kurdish Judge crazy, as people die, all around. Try $25+ a week in Cairo from the CIA when he was a law student. Try don't hack him in 1990, fail to make him leave the field where Islam is for study, then return in 2003, all the while holding the rogue, Boer-style State of Israel, which has such a raw version of Orthodox Jewish Zionist organized crime for an agendaa-determinant, that the Israeli Supreme Court took until 2000, to rule that marriages by Conservative or Reform Rabbinate were legal!

Sorry about your LUCK, if you are too Christian to think, but the dee-dee Christians in the US are the former Catholics and Jews who were UGLY, mixed with foreigners, increasingly forced to stay in segregated congregations, same church structures, here in Ca. The Catholics run the copshops, and with Jews, all media agendas, US.

I guess you should also know, the deregulation of power providers was substantially CATHOLIC organized crime, but the book-cooking interest hikes are virulently Jewish OC, which also has the dictionaries smoking in the English-slanging world, to disinclude KURDS and ARABS from the proper definition of SEMITE and Semitic, as ZioNazi propaganda, which STILL does not sit well, in cease-fire.

Try this on: What part of smart is anyone, who thinks the US can support the whore and drug habits, of hypocrite politicians, in the USA, which make us pay for war and peace, yet wage war on the incited enemies in such a bad way, peace may not accrue? You do not get missions from the US, since the US has undermined its own funding infrastructure, in great detail, preceding the current Al Queda media, all incited, by TRAITORS in US office, who did BRAC while hiding their funding frauds were hidden behind the trade deficit, AND JACKED THE INTEREST 15 TIMES LIKE WE ARE GIRLS WITH CREDIT CARDS ON A PEACETIME SHOPPING SPREE. What is WRONG, with the circumstantial picture? It describes Ayman for President, Usama for VEEP, Achmadinejad and Khatami for tool-time show, with non-aligned powers now, AT MEDIA. Red Green is a HIT, Gringos!

Watch out for a four-TD performance tonight, Peggy. Israel IS World War, by the numbers. You may be too Christian to notice, but LEGALIZE IT, whatever it is, let there be secular peace, listen to Khatami, a world ambassador, sorry about your luck if you don't like bin Laden, with all Mujahadin of superior, untainted ETHICS, sorry about moralists up the back door who may have been rolled up in there, watch out for surly Infidels, like GW Bush, who is not a ratified participant in International Criminal Court, yet throws a phony-WARmongering UN around, with pirate-client state, Israel, in their perennial military industry, to incite any and all FIGHTS, call opponents 'TERRORISTS,' and suck FUNDS from the impaired, illegally tainted flow-sources, until their catastrophic failure ends US participation in the Middle East, with all circumstantial failure to be expected, from infinite CPR, for the DEAD yet still deadly Balfour Declaration and Sykes-Picot Treaty.

When will western, anti-representative 'democracies' find a way to represent PEACE, to the largest, smartest, BIGGEST GROUP OF PERSONS ON EARTH, Islam? I might sympathize with perennial WAILERS, if you were not always beagle-ing and too GW Bush-RICH, for me to be with. Can YOU notice, since 1882 the Sud and the Rift have been a bit HOT?

Your hotels and surfer-paradise pads are in a bit of jeopardy, since the Sahara are bad because of Romans and Etruscans and the lousy migrations and lately because of CHRISTIANITY AND JUDAISM and their shriners who Crusade, more lately in an international, organized crime Boer-style. Islamic factions are all mad, so if they gel unpredictably, remember WE didn't want Israel and we were SORRY when the Ethiopians had to do DNA to prove they were Cohens! Sammy Jr. had to wait till death's door to bar mitzvah, JOAN. DO notice that Israel IS an international nuisance, REALLY, that we may not assert beyond 2008 or so, for many practical reasons. Keep the stupid and blue ties, OFF TV:
The exchange quality is very important, for good tennis-stroke building. Get it back over, AGAIN. Don't shoot for winners by sending practice balls over the fence on the first return from partner, so strokes are minimized, and practice is defeated, for YOUR selfish swat-practice. Baseball is baseball, but TENNIS IS TENNIS, so get cooperative.