Washington Metro Train Derailed Sunday,

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Washington Metro Train Derailed Sunday,

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• Washington Metro train derailed Sunday, authorities said
• There were no major injuries, fire official said
• Mount Vernon Station shuts down
• Metro officials guided passengers off the train
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WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A Metro subway train derailed Sunday afternoon in a tunnel near the Mount Vernon Square station in downtown Washington, shaking up passengers but causing no serious injuries, authorities said.

"At some point after leaving the Gallery Place Metro station ... the train seemed to slow down," said Amadi Boone, a passenger in the last car of the train.

"At some point, we started hearing some strange noises. The train felt very jerky. We started weaving back and forth, and then I felt a very violent impact."

The derailment occurred about 3:45 p.m. Sunday, acting Fire Chief Brian Lee told CNN. Some passengers were taken to hospitals after the accident, but it was not believed there were any major injuries, he said.

The cause of the crash was still under investigation, Lee said.

Another passenger, Keith McCoy, said the train hit a side wall of the tunnel, smashing in the front end of the lead car and knocking at least one door off the train.

Metro officials guided passengers off the train and out of the tunnel one by one, McCoy said. Some passengers remained aboard for up to 40 minutes, but there was no sense of panic among them, he said.

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