Ten Arrested In Politkovskaya Murder Case

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Ten Arrested In Politkovskaya Murder Case

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Aug. 28, 2007

Chechen Clues Lead to the Police

// Anna Politkovskaya's murder is solved by her birthday

Prosecutor General of Russia Yury Chaika announced yesterday that his office has solved the murder of Novaya gazeta reporter Anna Politkovskaya. The Basmanny Court ordered the arrest of ten people in the case, among them three former policemen and an FSB officer. The others are all Chechens. According to Chaika, the murder was carried out on the orders of people who are in hiding abroad and “intent on destabilizing conditions in the country and changing the constitutional order.” Thus political emigrant Boris Berezovsky has been included among the potential organizers of the crime.

Prosecutor General Yury Chaika reported to Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday morning on the investigation of well-known cases and then held a press conference on the same topic. He stated that Basmanny Court has ordered the arrest of ten people on suspicion of involvement in the murder of Anna Politkovskaya October 7, 2006, in the entrance to her apartment building on Lesnaya St. in Moscow. Among them was the organizer of the crime, a Chechen. There were three unidentified policemen among those arrested and a colonel in the Moscow department of the FSB, Pavel Ryaguzov. His name was released after a briefing by the head of FSB internal security Alexander Kupryazhkin. Ryaguzov tailed Politkovskaya and reported information to the Chechen killers. The prosecutor general also made it cleat that the murder of Politkovskaya may be related to the murders of first deputy chairman of the Central Bank Andrey Kozlov last year and editor of Russian Forbes Paul Klebnikov in 2004. Those arrested, according to the prosecutor general, were members of an organized group that specialized in such crimes.

“As for the motive, the results of the investigation lead us to conclude that only persons located outside the Russian federation could be interested in the elimination of Politkovskaya,” Chaika stated in answer to a question. “It [the murder] was of benefit most of all to those people and structures who are intent on destabilizing conditions in the country and changing the constitutional order, the creation of crises in Russia, a return to the former system of governance where everything was decided by money and oligarchs and discreditation of the leaders of the Russian government who are trying to provoke external pressure on the leadership of our country.” Chaika refused to say whether or not he was referring to Boris Berezovsky.

Berezovsky's lawyer Andrey Borovkov stated that the Prosecutor General's Office “was not interested” in his client in the case of Politkovskaya's murder. Berezovsky himself said that he was not surprised by the prosecutor general's hints and that “the Kremlin is behind” Politkovskaya's murder and the murder of former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko. [...]

Editor-in-chief of Novaya gazeta Dmitry Muradov stated that he was satisfied with the progress of the investigation. “The investigators' conclusions are extremely convincing and professional,” he commented. The newspaper does not intend to abandon its own investigation of the murder, however.


In other news, "Dutch tax authorities have initiated a criminal case against Russian political emigrant Boris Berezovsky for money laundering".

There are now investigations against Berezovsky aka Platon Elenin in at least four countries: Russia, Switzerland, Brazil and the Netherlands.

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