Ecological Decline

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Ecological Decline

George Hayduke
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George Hayduke
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Jul 6 2007, 03:27 PM #1

I agree that Jones and co. are doing a fairly swell job of pointing out that the globalists are maximizing the opportunities that large scale ecological decline afford them, first and foremost example being global warming, which is being used to increase the size and scope of the governing capabilities of the UN and to fearmonger as a means of generating demand for the security racket run by big gubbermint.

But one thing I think we have to be careful not to conclude:
Two - as we progress further into the 21st century and the much vaunted eco-apocalypse never arrives, the alarmists will begin to look increasingly stupid and untrustworthy.
This might be true.

Nonetheless, most recognize that whatever the cause, global warming is real. The Earth is warming up. How this will affect things here we can't be certain, especially when we consider other things going on here. Such as:

We enter the next solar storm cycle next year.

The poles are shifting. Some believe they'll flip, meaning at some point in some event the NP will become the SP.

Almost every body of water on the planet is polluted.

We're cutting down trees and especially rain forest at an alarming rate.

Desertification is increasing to the tune of thousands of acres per day.

Air pollution at times makes city air borderline unbreathable and respiratory problems are at an all time high here in the states.

We've got a cancer epidemic here.

The way we're using it top soil is a nonrenewable resource.

And the world is out of oil, the primary source of fertilizer and insecticide which brings crops from the abovementioned overused top soil. This while every major metropolitan city in America has about a 48 hour food supply and the country itself only has an 11 day supply of grain.

All the while, more than 250,000 more people are born on Earth than die every day. That's another 2.5 million new mouths to feed every 10 days.

And more than 1000 species go extinct every day. We're looking at mass extinction on this planet.

I could go on and talk about swaths of ocean the size of Arizona that are basically plastic trash islands. But I'll stop.

So yeah, the globalists of course realize this and are playing the hand they have. But Jones and co. aren't helping anybody by saying "there is nothing to be alarmed over." There's plenty.

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