Diana Inquest Hears Of 'white Flash'

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Diana Inquest Hears Of 'white Flash'

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Di inquest hears of 'white flash'


Published: Today

A MOTORIST told the Princess Diana inquest yesterday that he saw a big white flash come from a motorcycle moments before her Mercedes crashed.

Francois Levistre, 63, was ahead of the Merc when it hit a pillar in the Alma tunnel in Paris – and feared the rider and passenger were HITMEN.

He watched in his rear mirror as the pillion passenger dismounted, peered into the wreckage of the car – then made a crossed arm gesture, like a referee ending a boxing match.

The motorcyclists, both dressed in black, then roared off at speed.

Mr Levistre claimed the flash of light was directed at the car in which Diana, 36, boyfriend Dodi Fayed and their driver Henri Paul died on August 31, 1997.

But the jury heard there were inconsistencies between evidence he gave them and statements to French authorities soon after the crash.

It also emerged the businessman had an axe to grind against French police.
He was jailed for 2½ years in 1989 for theft, burglary and forging cheques and had produced a gun when cops quizzed him.

He was also held in custody but never charged about an alleged plot to sell a baby to a German couple.

And his testimony – given to London’s High Court in a video link from Paris – was shredded by four other wit-nesses. They saw NO motorbike enter the tunnel along with Di’s car and NO flash.

Mr Levistre, from Rouen, was driving with his wife Roselyn at around midnight.

He told the jury: “The motorcycle was overtaking the car. There was a big white flash from the motorbike in front of the car.”

Mr Levistre then stopped at the tunnel exit. He said: “The motorcycle had stopped. The rear passenger goes down and looks into the car. He looks at the driver of the motorbike and makes gestures with both hands.”

Asked why he did not get out of his car, Mr Levistre replied: “Fear. I thought they were hitmen.

“We thought the motorcycle had come to kill the other people in the car and we were just scared.”

He admitted he did not immediately speak to police but phoned the Paris Ritz hotel. It is owned by Dodi’s father Mohamed, who claims the couple were murdered in a plot headed by Prince Philip.

Hearing continues

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