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Batmanchester Reporting In

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Jan 5 2007, 06:08 AM #1

Thank you guys for recieving me and mine.

A little about our team.
There's of course, me batmanchester
Trinity, my wife.
Area52, the dig deep guy
Drilake, who goes out and finds what I can't.

This is our promise to you.
We will ALWAYS, under all circumstances tell you the truth, no matter where that truth may lead.

As our first intro to most of you, we thank Dylan and co., Invisionfree, and all of you.
We amy have a story in a minute, but if not we will begin posting tommorrow. Forgive our jumpiness, but someone just accussed us of being government spies!

Ok, back in a moment, and let's find out what's really going on! BMC

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