February 14th, 2014, 4:48 am #21

I haven't done this but maybe I can try. I did speak at length with my RE and he has retracted his original statement about the sperm once he looked at everything. He said the blast we got,would have qualified for the 1HQE guarantee and that we had 3 of 7 that were good on day3 meaning 4 were crappy on day3 which should be attributed to,the eggs. He said the 3 that were good on day 3 did well from day 3 to day 5-6 when sperm takes over. He said it could just be that the group of eggs were go wasn't the best even though the eggs worked for someone else. I truly don't know what to believe at this point.
I'm very relieved the initial opinion on sperm has been revised. In any case, I would think you are entitled to insist they work with you, including with your DH's sperm (unless your contract says otherwise) but it's nice not needing to go there. With single transfers the odds are something like 60-70% at RBA if I recall correctly, so sometimes you just fall on the wrong side of the odds, unfortunately.

I'm sure now you are focussed on recovering and healing from this latest ordeal. My thoughts are with you, Mrs. McIrish. I hope body and soul are recovering well. Please be kind to yourself.