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survey project

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Hi, ladies,

This is Alex from Playgroup, and some of you may already have seen this as I posted it there and on the main high FSH board a couple months ago. I'm hoping to include people at all stages and all routes for dealing with infertility so I realized I should probably post here too -- please forgive the duplication.

Building on both my experiences ttc and my training as an academic researcher, I've been collaborating on a research project that uses an online survey to try to understand how people get information and support and how they make decisions. The invitation to fill out the survey is as follows:

Research Project: Drs. Kathryn Flynn and Alexandra Cooper, both at Duke University, are conducting a survey of individuals and couples who are currently dealing with challenges in growing their families. The survey typically takes about 30 minutes to complete and collects information about how people get advice and support and how they make decisions as they consider and pursue infertility treatment and/or adoption. Responses can be anonymous and all responses will be kept confidential in transcripts and research publications. If you are interested in participating, please visit to access the questionnaire directly, or e-mail Alexandra Cooper at

Thanks for letting me post, and I wish each of you success and strength as you seek to grow your families.

Best wishes,