Rude Awakening

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For those who have been around the Cantina for a while: a little part of the "old" Oldj has awakened too, I think. :shhh: :wink:

Inspired by a Twitter exchange started by TKL and our friend @BlueJaigEyes:


She was unsteady, almost doubled-forward as she plunged through the night forest, yet beneath a dark hood her eyes were raised…scanning, scanning...always alert. Her purpose was etched into brain – to ensure that no Jedi remained alive – yet she remembered so clearly that moment when the Emperor induced a cataleptic state and buried her…

“Do not be concerned,” lies dripped from his words as guards lowered her body into a premature grave. “All is going as planned. When the time is right, you will be called to return.

“You will have your opportunity for revenge.”

Hatred. It burned so hot inside her that she wondered why her robes were not ablaze.

She used that opportunity to draw upon such lingering Dark side power to activate the hilt in her right hand. A wobbly red saber blazed to life, crackling like green sticks in a fire. With a secondary lever she lit the dual cross-burners. The old saber was heavy. Gravity pulled at her hand but she channeled a few more precious tendrils of the Force to raise it, sizzling, up from the vaguely luminescent snow covering the ground.

Memories returned at random, only to be set aside as she considered where, precisely, she was and when her enemy would appear. She needed someplace – far from the burial mound – a safe haven where she could open the saber to check on the state of its crystals. She hoped that correcting the malfunctioning blades would be as simple as replacing those gems.

Stumbling farther into the forest, the darkness grew black and visibility faded until she found herself leaning into the trunk of a large tree. Sliding her back down its roughened bark, she sat in the snow and fumbled her left hand through the folds of her robe until she grasped a small sack of crystals. She could no longer see even the vapor of her own breath, but when the slim light of first dawn arrived, she would have a fully functioning saber again.

Her head fell back for a moment’s rest. This forest was more silent than others she had walked. They usually teemed with life and yet...

She was not alone.

Her enhanced senses identified no discernible sound; no movement, not even a whispered breath - but the snap-hiss did not catch her by surprise.

A lightsaber. Invisible. Close. Its thrum was strong, so unlike the unsteady popping of her aging blade.

"Have you felt it? The darkness. And the light.”

For a long moment, she tried in vain to sense the direction from which her foe would arrive. The enemy blade did not move, giving nothing away. Its owner was composed, with something more than confidence.

Here was a defiant Jedi, responding to a the threat of darkness.

"’I’ve been expecting you. Of course, you sensed that we’d meet here.”

The Sith felt the Jedi’s sudden smile.

“Yes, I knew of the Awakening,” the voice – youthful, feminine, and deadly – moved closer while the saber’s hum grew louder. Behind the purple glow of an abruptly de-cloaked saber blade not two meters in front of her, the Sith caught glimpses of sand-colored boots and pants. A tan robe fell just short of the snow. And when she looked up, dark eyes blazed from a vaguely familiar face.

“Let me guess. You were given a job to do, right? Too bad you've run into a problem."

A lop-sided grin spread across the young Jedi's face.



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