The Dilemma

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The Dilemma

Runner - Current Location: MOLLU
Runner - Current Location: MOLLU
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October 18th, 2011, 10:08 pm #1

Here's the age old question...

I could never have afforded the awesome DS suit and gear I now have when I was of an age to convincingly wear it... :dunno:

Well, Halloween is coming up and a year ago we decided to go for it seeing as the remake was supposedly underway. Well, my wife makes a smashing Jess (Custom made dress and accoutrements), My youngest son is wearing Carrousel contestant garb (Dancer's body suit with painted on flames and accoutrements), my oldest son (12) is a Junior Sandman (Recreated all the gear at .75 scale) and I am a Sandman, arguably Logan... at 45 years old... I am like frakking Ballard :-p

While I look reasonably young circa mid-late 30's... I don't feel all that convincing. To that end I found a sort of close wig for the Logan persona
I am hoping it makes me feel a bit better about it all... of course I have dark hair (Yes Holly, I took your suggestion) I will have to lighten my eyebrows a bit I think (Makeup, not dye :-p)

Anyone else experiencing the same sort of predicament?

Phillip 7