Logan's Run Movie Remake

Discussions on the upcoming Logan's Run remake project.

Logan's Run Movie Remake

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09 Apr 2015, 19:12 #1

Works for me. (Then again, I'm a feminist.) This would tap into the success of the HUNGER GAMES and DIVERGENT franchises (which would, for starters, make it FAR more likely for the film to actually happen!) and conceivably (if LR proves to be a success) could turn into a franchise: WORLD, SEARCH, JOURNEY. Hell, it worked for BATTLESTAR! I suggest Britt Marling as title character AND writer.
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17 Jul 2015, 11:36 #2

As a fan of the original novels, tv series, comics (old and new) and the movie, i think changing Logan to a female character will absolutely ruin it for me.
I honestly can not believe they are even considering doing it. Its just crazy.
I think they are trying to tap into the success of the movies Divergent and Hunger games.
Nothing wrong with trying to attract a wider audience, but what about us fans of the original logans run Stories and characters ?

It would annoy me just as much if someone decided to remake the movie Alien, and added a male character to play the part of Ripley.

Logans Run already has a female lead character (Jessica) so why do they have to change it?
As a hard core fan of the Logans Run stories and characters within those stories its a sad fact that i won't watch the re-make if Logan is a female.
This news has totally and utterly depressed me. I was praying for a remake but now i'm just not interested. Sad, very SAD.

I have been keeping up to date with the recent Logans Run comic book stories and they're awesome, They actually feature a female sandman who hunts Logan and his family.
Now that i can deal with. A female sandman hunting logan is fine, but if Logan himself was portrayed as a woman i wouldn't be interested. If it aint broke don't fix it.

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21 Aug 2015, 01:25 #3

Honestly. I'm not feeling Logan as a woman. Why change a classic because of the current YA heroines? Maybe I am too much of a book purist. I'll have to think about this a bit.

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28 Sep 2015, 07:58 #4

Oh no.... :wtf: