DSPIAE Pin Vice and Nipper

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When I first saw these DSPIAE tools I though hmm, they look interesting. Then I saw the prices and it was no way! Then I actually handled them and I knew my life would be incomplete without having my own nipper and pin vice in the tool box. Here's the pin vice:

The handle fits perfectly in my average size hand. Pin vices are usually knurled, but the ergonomic shape means it can be readily gripped. The rotating end allows you to apply pressure with the palm of the hand without any discomfort. The precision of the engineering is incredible, the finish is beautiful and you get a nifty little hex headed driver to fasten the bits in place. There's a spare key in case the driver goes AWOL - I often go tool blind when I'm working so having a spare will be a godsend. The supplied bits are manufactured in tungsten steel (0.3-1.2mm), so if you break one it would have to be cack-handedness of a high order. If you do break one, individual replacements are available.

Next up, the nippers:

The handle looks familiar and has a nice cushioned and grippy coating, but the nipper head is not your common or garden side cutter. It's been designed to get a snip as close as possible to the plastic part and leave little or no trimming after the part has been removed. As with the pin vice the precision of the engineering and finish is a delight, plus you get a neat little cleaning cloth and sheath (smell the leather) for the nippers. Should you not want the nippers to close completely you can gap them with a set screw, the driver is the same type as with the pin vice.

Everything about these tools is quality, from the engineering of the tools, the thoughtful accessories that are supplied with them and the beautifully presented and robust packaging. If were to gripe about anything, the boxes are so precisely made it's difficult to get the tops off! Whoever designed this stuff must be a real connoisseur/tool junkie. Ahem, the prices. The pin vice is 22.50EUR and the nippers 38.50EUR. If you need a replacement twist bit they're 1.50EUR a pop. I bought my gear direct from Brevoco in the Netherlands which added a fairly hefty 15.15EUR shipping, plus 13.22EUR tax. It was quite easy in the end, I just took a deep breath and clicked 'buy' and I have absolutely no buyer's remorse, just a warm glow knowing I have bought tools that the modeller who has everything would buy. Since buying my gear I have noticed that there are various sellers on ebay offering them, but they are mostly overseas, so you might get hit with tax and the notorious Royal Mail handling charge. As far as I'm aware there's no UK importer distributor at the moment.

If you are the modeller who has everything you might also be interested in some of the other DSPIAE products, there's the circle cutter, a widget for the former to allow you to cut concentric circles, an aluminium alloy scale, CA glue applicator, glue bottle holder and tool rack. As befits these high quality products they all come with a matching RRP, but if you really do have everything, why not?!

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