Welcome to Mt. Vernon, Illinois, an environmental disaster in progress!

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Welcome to Mt. Vernon, Illinois, an environmental disaster in progress!

You can't breathe the air, drink the water, nor get a moment's peace in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. It's an environmental nightmare in progress!

Every spring and fall they burn leaves in Mt. Vernon, Illinois and the smoke is so thick you can hardly see to drive down the street. Of course you can't breathe it if you have any kind of asthma or emphysema. Even if you are healthy, you will have a hard time breathing. Only those who own or able to purchase an air cleaner/purifier have much chance to survive.

Half of the time the city tap water tastes and smells like decaying garbage, and I'm not kidding! So if you want to drink it, and if you think it is safe, more power to you. I stopped drinking the city water several years ago. So be prepared to bring your own water, or buy it somewhere, if you plan to come to Mt. Vernon, Illinois.

Helicopters have completely taken over Mt. Vernon, Illinois in the last few years. They hug the ground at 100-200 feet altitude all over town. You haven't known true noise until one of those things flies over you. If it flies over your house, it sounds and feels exactly like a major earthquake in progress. Another analogy is having a freight train going over your house, or a tornado. The noise levels involved are horrific. I'm not talking about just occasional helicopters, but non-stop day and night, 365 days a year! So come to Mt. Vernon, Illinois and get the hell buzzed out of you. It will definitely shake you up. There is no peace & quiet here anymore. If the helicopters don't get you, there are hundreds of roving boomboxes in cars constantly cruising the streets, as well as lots of harley motorcycles without mufflers.

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