This is the way i feed my family

john doe"the noise maker"
john doe"the noise maker"

May 1st, 2003, 7:02 pm #1

To whome it may concern,

Music is a source of income to feed my family.I'm sorry if the music is bothersome to you,but I pay my rent timely every month with no help from my neighbors.I have spoke to several people around the neighborhood and no one else has a problem with it as long as it ends at a decent hour.Even the police have said that they can't hear it very well until they get right up on the porch,but they do have to make contact when a complaint is made.I could understand all the fuss if the music exceeded past 10p.m.,but it has never for the first time.It has usually ended by 8p.m..Instead of being upset about the thankful it isn't a place the police go for other reasons such as .....drugs,fighting,etc.......We are good people who mean not to disturb anyone,but when it comes to where we can't do what it is that helps provide for our family then we think it is a bit rediculous.The reason we rented this house was for the basement to be used as a practice area for the band.We don't pay over $400 a month to be told what to do in our own home.If other people want to pay our rent then we will comply with the rules of our neighbors.

Thank you,
John Doe

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May 2nd, 2003, 5:09 am #2

TWIMC/John Doe (the noise maker),
Well, it sounds like you may need to soundproof your playing room, and/or
turn off your amplifier(s), and/or close windows & doors, etc. If the noise
can't be heard beyond your property line, you will be in compliance with
city ordinances and other laws, and nobody will complain. For the best of
all concerned, I hope you will take proper steps in that direction right

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