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January 9th, 2007, 6:55 pm #1

I got tired of my old website so redesigned it. Most of the old links should still work OK. The content is mostly the same, just moved around a bit. A few new things were added such as private area for family photos. I'll rework everything as time permits.

The new "Our Environment" link now leads to the same old helicopter stuff. The difference is... Instead of getting blasted with it on the home page, you now have the opportunity to click a link to access it!

There are other areas of our local environment that seriously need improvement too. Other major noise polluters in Mount Vernon include boomboxes in roaming cars, unmuffled motorcycles, and the racetrack. Mount Vernon tap water is of course unfit to drink so I buy all of mine bottled. And the leaf burners try to drive us out of house and home in the spring and fall, so all burning for purposes of disposal (leafs, or anything else) needs to be banned permanently!

The elected folks in our little town persistently turn a blind eye and deaf ear and filtered nose to such things, but I will continue til hell freezes over!


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