CMC declares war on noise pollution

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Sunday, 8 June 2003

CMC declares war on noise pollution

by Neomi Kodikara

The Colombo Municipal Council has declared war against noise pollution and has threatened to penalise those responsible for the continuous noise within the city limits. Places coming under the close scrutiny of the CMC officials are mosques, temples, clubs, schools and playgrounds.

The CMC decision to penalise those responsible for noise pollution in response to increasing complaints from the public about excessive noise especially in residential areas. According to Dr. Pradeep Kariyawasam, Chief Medical Officer, CMC, 20 complaints have been submitted by residents from various parts of the country since the launch.

The CMC anti-pollution programme was launched on June 5, to coincide with the World Environment Day. The campaign is the first such in the country, and is limited to the city limits of Colombo.

The CMC had deployed 12 trained Health Inspectors to monitor sound pollution in the city and to ensure better living conditions for the citizens. Ten more Health Inspectors will be trained to carry out the action programme more effectively.Sound pollution is a major environmental issue and a growing health problem in major cities especially in developing countries and has been increasing at an alarming rate in the country's suburbs.

It is reported that excessive noise can lead to severe health hazards such as high blood pressure, hearing loss, insomnia and depression.

Residents can now complain to the Municipal Health division at any time through the 24 hour-active telephone lines, 696594 during the day and 421454 in the night. Once a complaint is received a health official will inspect the scene and measure the sound.

Legal action will be taken against offenders under the Nuisance Ordinance. The sound limit during the day is 65 decibels and at night 55 decibels.

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