is a good reference source for environmental activists... is a good reference source for environmental activists...

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BlackRhinoceros,, is the internet's
largest collection of online environmental Action alerts. A tax-exempt,
Public Benefit charity, BlackRhinoceros is a nonprofit collective with
one aim: to streamline and simplify the processes of making a difference
in all these areas of international ecological concern:

Environmental justice
Habitat, and

Go to for exhaustive, current,
well-organized and carefully-annotated links to over 1,250 online
Actions (email campaigns, faxes, petitions, lobbies, protests and
letters etc) promoted by 350+ environmental organizations worldwide -
and corresponding 'Issues' pages which provide up-to-the-minute
background information on these areas and on green campaigning.

There is a free, automatic notification service: register to be sent a
brief email of changes and/or additions in the areas of greatest
interest to you every time any of these six Actions pages on
BlackRhinoceros is updated. This usually happens daily - and makes the
award-winning the web's most useful one-stop
resource for green activism.

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