Ameren "smart meters" cause cancer!

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Let's quit beating around the bush... Ameren "smart meters" cause cancer!
(among many other illnesses)

The result will be hundreds of new cases of cancer in the next few years caused directly by exposure to the microwave radiation from these devices. When YOU come down with breast cancer, brain cancer, colon cancer, kidney cancer, bone cancer, or leukemia (blood cancer) then you will know better what I'm talking about. I'm very sorry to see it happen but I can't stop it. It seems written in the cards, like an unstoppable force.

I guess it's OK if you don't value human life. I guess it's also OK if you don't mind traveling long distances to get treated. Mt Vernon has granted a monopoly on cancer treatment to a single person, Oza. A town this size needs a half dozen oncologists. Centralia has several, but not Mt Vernon. The most effective treatment requires going to St Louis (Barnes/Washington University School of Medicine) particularly if special surgery is involved. Our local surgeons cannot handle laparoscopic methods. Local IMRT radiation treatment involving a body cast is also unavailable. Nor are "clinical trials" available locally, which are often the best options (less chemo, less radiation, etc).


It's all about money. Money talks louder than the value of human life. We are granting monopoly power to a few individuals and corporations so they can create the greatest personal profits for themselves and their shareholders, and thereby people are being lead like lambs to the slaughter. This sort of thing used to be called fascism, but that word has fallen out of favor. The new word is corporate-ocracy. The result is the same. People are dominated by and controlled by their government and large monopoly corporations in an Orwellian sense - even their thoughts are censored. It is no longer a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

The solution... put the guilty persons in prison and throw away the key! They are in fact murdering people so they can get personally rich. This is covered over by a veil of propaganda from their slick advertising and glib-tongue PR departments. It's high time that they be unmasked for what they are - white-coated, white-collar criminals!
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