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PLEASE NOTE: These Rules & Etiquette advice applies to all areas of this Message Board

Forum Rules (Failure to comply may result in your membership being terminated.)

We do ask that everyone follows the rules and guidelines below:

Rule 1: Please be polite and friendly. Treat people as you would expect to be treated.

Rule 2: Swearing, profanity, racial and sexual references, etc. should be avoided and will NOT be tolerated. Please remember that we have visitors of all ages.

Rule 3: Try to Stay on Topic

If you wish to go "Off Topic" (i.e. not related to the subject matter of the topic or the forum you are in) then use the "Members Lounge" and start a "New Topic". An Administrator/Moderator will move your topic to an appropriate forum (if applicable) and inform you accordingly.

Rule 4: Do not "Spam" the forums with invasive or unsolicited information. Such posts will be deleted and your account suspended or even banned.

If you break the rules?

You will be contacted by one of the Administrators/Moderators who will try and resolve any issues. If you do not reply to an Administrator or Moderator (within 24hrs) then your account will be deleted and banned from accessing this message board.

Please remember that posting on this Message Board is a privilege and NOT A RIGHT. Please respect it and us in that way.

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