Stoncelis-Joanne Heckmann


June 1st, 2017, 6:21 pm #1

Sorry Joanne, I hadn't found your posting from May of 2016 until today.

The only information I have on Stoncelis is on Juozapas Stoncelis son of Jonas and Petronele (maiden Mikuzyte or Mikuzis) Stoncelis from town of Sveksna who marries in 1894 Barbora (maiden name Kuzaite) in Teneniai parish. There is a witness named Antanas Stoncelis on the marriage record.

In 1929 Juozapas and Barbora Stoncelis son Juozas and wife Adele (maiden name Raudaite) have a son Petras. On this birth record is a witness Ona Stoncelyte. Petras Stoncelis comes to the US in 1956.

Our grandfather Petras Mikalocius (or Mikalocas spelled in Lithuanian today) marries Ona Kuzaite, Barbora's sister in Scotland. Petras was from the parish of Laukuva. These parishes are about 40 miles apart.

My husband Ydna and mtdna where also done by Family Finder. His brother's was done by ancestry.
We transferred his to Family Finder. Your name doesn't show as a match for either.

In the Lithuanian book of the victims of genocide there is a Kazys Stancelis, born 1904 from Taurages, Silales county shot died on 6/24/1941.

Hope that helps. Del